18.4 Briefing + Heat Times


OUCH. More separation being created here in week 4. We’ll talk below about how to choose your division this week. This is a fast-paced workout - let’s have some fun! Here is your weekly briefing:

First, below are the listed heat times. There will be 16 minute blocks between heats, however your heat will be called immediately upon completion of the heat prior. This is so you can get measured for HSPUs and warm up the deadlift. We ask for and appreciate your flexibility!

Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 10.21.59 AM.png

You will also notice on the table that we have listed the number of judges needed for each heat. We NEED help judging! If you can help at least one time before or after you go, that is a huge help to the coaches!

If for any reason you cannot attend at the time you are listed, you need to notify me (caitlin@crossfitkingfield.com) as soon as possible. We do NOT have a lot of flexibility tonight - if you show up late or did not register, you will automatically be put into the last heat.

Second, REMEMBER THAT YOUR LISTED TIME IS YOUR START TIME! If you are in the 5pm heat, arrive with enough time to warm-up prior to the workout. As always, we have included a warm-up below. You will have time to warm-up the deadlifts and HSPUs on the event floor before your heat.

In case you haven’t seen yet, here is the workout:


Open Workout 18.4

For time:

“Diane” 21 - 15 - 9

Deadlifts (225/155)
Handstand push-ups

Immediately into:

21 - 15 - 9

Deadlifts (315/205)
50ft. Handstand walk between sets

9 minute time cap

Scaled will perform this workout with strict hand release push-ups and bear crawl. Weights will be 135/95 for the first couplet, then 185/135 for the second couplet.

A few quick notes on the workout:

1. Picking your division. Process of elimination here is pretty easy. Let’s talk about part one first, “Diane.”

Ask yourself, “Do I have handstand push-ups without using an ab mat pad?” If the answer is no, you should do scaled.

Also ask yourself, “Is the deadlift weight heavy for me? An 8-9 on a scale of 1-10?” If the answer is yes, you should do scaled.

Let’s say you have HSPU without an ab mat pad, but you’ve never done them to the standard required for this workout - test them out in the warm-up. These babies are game-changers - much harder than typical, every day HSPUs.

Now, if you can do HSPU and the deadlift weight is manageable, we have another layer of questions. In part 2, we have an extremely heavy bar and a very high skill movement.

Ask yourself, “Is the deadlift weight approaching or over my 1 rep max?” If the answer is yes, don’t try to lift it.

Ask yourself, “Can I handstand walk?” If the answer is no, not a big deal. There’s a lot of work to be done to earn the HS walk and it won’t hurt you to kick up and try a few times. Similar to last week, it’s easy to get caught up in the fancy gymnastics movements. But remember, this is a deadlift workout.

However, if the second deadlift weight is too heavy for you but you can do HSPUs and the first deadlift weight, you need to decide if you want to just go for it on “Diane” in part 1 and then wait out the remainder of the cap.

If you’re looking for a great and also highly challenging workout, to move for a whole 9 minutes, choose scaled! You still get to do 90 deadlifts and your shoulders will be burning from push-ups and bear crawls.

2. Break. It. Up. Early and often. Even if you regularly do “Diane” unbroken, you’re going to want to break the deadlifts up from the beginning to ensure you still have something left in the tank for the heavier barbell. That bar is going to feel like a million pounds after the first part.

Also break up the HSPUs. You don’t want to go to failure on any of these sets. Focus on using a big kip and at the top, point your toes down to ensure your heels cross your measurement line. On hand-release push-ups, focus on squeezing your butt. Break these up early too.

A recommendation for rep breaks looks like this:

9-7-5 Deadlifts/HSPUs or Hand-release push-ups

7-5-3 Deadlifts/HSPUs or Hand-release push-ups

5-4 Deadlifts/HSPUs or Hand-release push-ups

This way, you’re never exceeding single digits and it’s a descending rep scheme every set.

3. You probably won’t finish - again. This is another one of those “time cap turned AMRAP” workouts. The biggest thing to consider is the tiebreak time - the time at which you finish your last set of deadlifts is the tiebreaker on reps for those who don’t complete the workout. If you don’t plan to touch the heavier barbell, then you want to go all out on the first part of the workout. If you plan to get to the heavier barbell, then you sure as hell want to be able to finish at least that first set of deadlifts. Either way, it’s highly unlikely we’ll see too many folks complete this workout.

4. Warming up. We have a specific warm-up listed below. As we mentioned above, we’ve kept time between heats for you guys to warm up the deadlifts and push-ups in your workout space. We will give you about 5 minutes to warm-up the deadlift and then take another 6 to get your HSPUs measurements done, using the remaining 5 minutes or so for your judge to come brief you on the movement standards for the workout.


DO NOT WARM UP IN THE TURF ROOM. WE WILL GIVE YOU TIME TO DO THAT BEFORE YOUR HEAT. Instead spend your time following the below mobilization protocol.

For the general warm-up, please use the back room again. The Turf Room will be closed until classes are completed. PLEASE DO NOT DISRUPT CLASS!

18.3 Warm-up

3 rounds

0:30 second HS hold (plank hold)
10 PVC good mornings
10 PVC pass throughs
5 Sumo inchworm push-ups (double push-up on each rep)

Deadlift Warm-up - 3 rounds for quality:

10 per leg leg swings
10 bootstrap squats*
5/side thoracic rotations in a lunge

*tuck the fingers under the toes, pull yourself down into a squat, then let the hips rise first, keeping fingers under toes; repeat for 10 reps.

We believe this warm-up will take about 8-10 minutes to complete. If you need more time to mobilize, etc. budget accordingly. Once your heat is called, you will do the following:

5-6 minutes: Warm-up the deadlift. Work primarily on the first weight. If you want to pull the heavy bar a few times, you can.


5-6 minutes: Warm-up the HS or HR push-up. Get measured for HSPU. Test out a few reps with your judge watching so you know how a good rep feels. Perhaps try out a little HS walking!

Immediately before your heat begins, the group will perform a warm-up together and then roll!

5. Have fun! This is the second to last week and we’ve seen some pretty awesome tests to far. It’s pretty cool to have a benchmark workout, one of the original “Girls” in the Open. Enjoy and don’t get frustrated by the challenges presented here.

That's all we have for now. We will see you all tonight! Good luck!