18.5 Briefing + Heat Times


Whoo Hoo! You made it! The last week and here is the repeat we’ve all been waiting for. Good news - it’s short and sweet. Bad news - you should go fast and it’s gonna hurt. Here is your weekly briefing:

First, below are the listed heat times. We have budgeted 13 minutes between heats for you to warm-up thrusters and pull-ups in the workout space. See below for more details. We ask for and appreciate your flexibility!

Screen Shot 2018-03-23 at 8.13.14 AM.png

You will also notice on the table that we have listed the number of judges needed for each heat. We NEED help judging! If you can help at least one time before or after you go, that is a huge help to the coaches!

If for any reason you cannot attend at the time you are listed, you need to notify me (caitlin@crossfitkingfield.com) as soon as possible.

Second, REMEMBER THAT YOUR LISTED TIME IS YOUR START TIME! If you are in the 5pm heat, arrive with enough time to warm-up prior to the workout. As always, we have included a warm-up below. You will have time to warm-up the thrusters and pull-ups on the event floor before your heat.

In case you haven’t seen yet, here is the workout:

Open Workout 18.5

7 minute AMRAP

3 - 6 - 9 - 12 - 15…

Thrusters (100/65)
Chest-to-bar pull-ups

*Continue adding 3 reps to both movements until time expires.

Scaled athlete will perform jumping chin-over-bar pull-ups. Weights are 65/45.

A few quick notes on the workout:

1. Picking your division. Can you do chest-to-bar pull-ups? If the answer is no, then scaled is the route for you. If you can do singles or doubles of the C2B pull-ups, you get to decide if you want to go for it Rx’d. Do NOT underestimate the jumping pull-ups! That gets just as nasty because it keeps you moving!

If it’s the thrusters you are worried about, decide if it’s a weight you feel you can do for at least 6 reps in a row even when you’re dead tired. They should be light to moderate in weight, certainly NOT heavy!

WE ARE GOING TO STICK TO THE PRESCRIPTIONS AS LISTED! Please have an idea of which division you want to go for when you arrive. If you’re still unsure, talk to a coach!

2. Break. It. Up. While a fast, short workout, your shoulders and lungs are going to explode if you come out too hot with big sets.

First, identify your “sticky” movement - is thrusters? Is it pull-ups? This movement will be the one we break up first and the one where we know we can buy a few extra breaths while we take those breaks. If I know I’m going to have to break up the pull-ups, I’m going to push a little more on the thrusters.

Second, understand your capacity. This thing just keeps going up so eventually everyone, even the best in the world, have to break their sets. If you can do 20 pull-ups unbroken, you may consider going through the single digit sets unbroken (3-6-9) but understand the cost of those sets. If you’re not as proficient, you might consider keeping your sets smaller from the beginning (2s or 3s).

A quick note on pull-ups, specifically C2B: there is no rule on how you have to have your hands to complete a rep. When you start to get tired, going to a mixed or all underhand grip can buy you a few more reps than you might have had otherwise!

3. It’s ONLY 7 minutes. Give. It. Hell! This is it, guys, the end of the Open and we have a burner. There’s no hold up, just pure grit and grind. It will feel long to start and then you’ll wonder where the time went, so don’t leave anything on the floor!

4. Warming up. We have a specific warm-up listed below. As we mentioned above, we’ve kept time between heats for you guys to warm up the pull-ups and thrusters in your workout space. We will give you about 4 minutes to warm-up the thruster and then take another 5 to get your pull-ups situated. We’ll use the remaining 4-5 minutes or so for your judge to come brief you on the movement standards for the workout and do a group warm-up.


DO NOT WARM UP IN THE TURF ROOM. WE WILL GIVE YOU TIME TO DO THAT BEFORE YOUR HEAT. Instead spend your time following the below mobilization protocol.

For the general warm-up, please use the back room again. The Turf Room will be closed until classes are completed. PLEASE DO NOT DISRUPT CLASS!

18.5 Warm-up

3 rounds, nasal breathing only

7 burpees
10 Russian KB swings
0:45 second goblet squat hold


Lat/shoulder/chest mobilization, 3 rounds

10 PVC pass throughs
10 banded pull aparts
0:30 seconds/side twisted cross (or any kind of chest opener)


Thruster warm-up, 3 rounds

5/arm single-arm DB Front squats
5/arm single-arm DB push presses
5/arm single-arm DB thrusters, pause 1 second at the top of each rep

*Use a light weight. Focus on connecting your breathing with your movement. That will be key in this workout. Exhale as the weight leaves your shoulders, inhale as the weight returns to your shoulders. Hold in the bottom of the squat.

We believe this warm-up will take about 10-12 minutes to complete. If you need more time to mobilize, etc. budget accordingly. Once your heat is called, you will do the following:

4 minutes: Warm-up the thruster. A few sets of front squats and presses with the empty bar followed by a few thrusters will suffice. Get to your working weight and practice the same breathing pattern you used with the DB in warm ups.

4-5 minutes: Warm-up the pull-up. If you are performing jumping pull-ups, grab anything you need to get to the height required for the movement. Check in with your judge to make sure you meet the standards.

Immediately before your heat begins, the group will perform a warm-up together and then roll!

5. Using Fran to gauge your goals. In this workout, when you complete the round of 15 pull-ups you have completed the same number of reps (90) as you would in Fran. If you know your Fran time, you'll have an idea of where you might end up. Keep in mind, the pull-ups are harder and the thrusters for you gentlemen slightly heavier.

General rule of thumb: If you have a sub-5 minute Fran time normally, you can expect to make it to the round of 15 in this workout. The faster your Fran time is, the further you can expect to get. If you have a Fran time longer than 5 minutes, shoot for the 12s. You may just surprise yourself!

5. Have fun and CONGRATS!!! You guys DID IT! You made it through the 2018 Open! Whether this was your first Open or your sixth, it is quite the accomplishment and your coaches are proud of you! We would encourage you to take the time after the Open to identify skills or movements you’d like to work on and make a point to seek out guidance to improve these areas so you can crush more Open workouts (and every workout in between!) in 2019!

That's all we have for now. We will see you all tonight! Good luck!