18.3 Briefing + Heat Times


Finally! The high volume, high skill movements we’ve all been waiting for. Don’t get distracted by the fancy gymnastics - THIS IS DOUBLE UNDER WORKOUT.  Here is your weekly briefing:

First, below are the listed heat times. Notice the NUMBER next to your name this week. That number will correspond with your spot on the floor. For sake of simplicity (and sanity), we have assigned you a space based on what we anticipate you doing for the workout (more on this below). The space in the grid on the floor also has a corresponding number UNDER the pull-up bar you will use. You are not allowed to use a bar that does not match your number. We ask for and appreciate your flexibility!

You will also notice on the table that we have listed the number of judges needed for each heat. This week, we’re a little short on coaches, so any help that you guys can provide us with judging will be greatly appreciated. The toughest thing to judge in this workout are the double unders. Our tip: Watch the FEET. Count the number of jumps!

If for any reason you cannot attend at the time you are listed, you need to notify me (caitlin@crossfitkingfield.com) as soon as possible. We have some wiggle room in heats as far as spots go but not necessarily in equipment.

Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 7.45.34 AM.png

Second, REMEMBER THAT YOUR LISTED TIME IS YOUR START TIME! If you are in the 5pm heat, arrive with enough time to warm-up prior to the workout.

We have intentionally slated a good chunk of time between heats so you will all have time to warm up the overhead squat in the main room. We have a recommended warm-up below which primarily involves mobilizing the shoulders and getting your heart rate up.

In case you haven’t seen yet, here is the workout:

Open Workout 18.3

2 Rounds for time:

100 Double unders
20 Overhead squats (115/75)
100 Double unders
12 Ring muscle ups
100 Double unders
20 DB snatches (50/35)
100 Double unders
12 Bar muscle ups

14 minute time cap

Scaled will perform single unders and chin-over-bar pull-ups for BOTH gymnastics movements. OHS @ 45/35, DB snatches @ 35/20

Masters (55+) will perform double unders and chest-to-bar pull-ups for BOTH gymnastics movements. OHS @ 75/55, DB snatches @ 35/20

OUR OWN ALTERNATIVE VERSION will perform double unders and use the RX’d weights. Ring muscle ups will become ring pull-ups and bar muscle ups will become chest-to-bar pull-ups.

A few quick notes on the workout:

1. Picking your division. So we finally have some separator movements! Great! That’s how we set goals for the upcoming year. There are two main ways you can approach this workout: a) you want a good workout, you want to breathe heavy, get sweaty and be challenged cardiovascularly OR b) you want to test your skills. Remember that the MAIN skill we’re testing in this workout is double unders NOT the gymnastics portion.

If you are in the Option A camp, scaling the workout is the best option for you. Other ways to determine this: you struggle with overhead squats, you struggle with double unders, you cannot do muscle ups.

If you are in the Option B camp, you may attempt the workout RX’d. You WILL NOT be allowed to use bands for muscle ups, you will not perform jumping muscle ups. The Open workouts are not the time to “practice” those movements. If you have never tried a muscle up before, under fatigue is NOT the time to do it. Understand that if you choose RX’d you may be spending a lot of time resting between attempts.

We know that a lot of you can do a combination of weights and movements. This is why we came up with alternative version you see above. We will also allow the Masters’ variation of the workout if that is the best option for you. Our goal, as it is with any workout, is to find an option that works best for you and your goals.

Remember that we, as your coaches, take the time to understand you as an athlete and aim to set you up for success. If we tell you to scale, please don’t take it as a slight or insult. We want you to feel accomplished, not frustrated. If you’re unsure, please don’t hesitate to talk to a coach.

2. Break up the reps sooner than you think you should. The volume in this workout is ridiculous. Even if you’re crazy awesome at double unders, eventually the 300th or 400th rep is going to catch up with you. We recommend you take short, calculated breaks to manage your heart rate and you relax your arms. It could be recommended to break up the OHS as well depending on how comfortable you are with the movement. The weight is manageable but the static hold in combination with wrist extension can affect the later movements.

3. You probably won’t finish. No offense. Even the best in the world will likely not finish this workout. Think of it more like an AMRAP and be patient with your movements. Remember that MISSED reps are more costly than taking breaks and avoiding failure on movements. Focus on quality of your movement versus speed!

4. Warming up. We have a specific warm-up listed below. As we mentioned above, we’ve kept time between heats for you guys to warm up the OHS and the gymnastics movements in your workout space. We will give you about 5 minutes to warm-up the OHS (and snatch) and then take another 4 to get your gymnastics set up, using the remaining 3 minutes or so for your judge to come brief you on the movement standards for the workout.


DO NOT WARM UP IN THE TURF ROOM. WE WILL GIVE YOU TIME TO DO THAT BEFORE YOUR HEAT. Instead spend your time following the below mobilization protocol.

For the general warm-up, please use the back room again. The Turf Room will be closed until classes are completed. PLEASE DO NOT DISRUPT CLASS!

18.3 Warm-up

2 rounds

1:00 minute rowing or biking or jump rope
1:00 minute hold the bottom of a goblet squat, work on ankles


Shoulder Primer - 3 Rounds for quality

5/side KB windmills @ light
10 PVC pass throughs, standing
10 PVC pass throughs, in the bottom of a squat
10 Scap retraction push-ups


OHS Warm-up - 2 rounds for quality:

10 PVC tempo OHS (3 seconds down, 2 second pause @ bottom, 1 second up, pause at top)
10 PVC Sotts Press (sit in the bottom of your squat & perform 10 behind the neck presses)

We believe this warm-up will take about 8-10 minutes to complete. If you need more time to mobilize, etc. budget accordingly. Once your heat is called, you will do the following:

4-5 minutes: Warm-up the snatch and OHS (you should be able to snatch your OHS weight)

4-5 minutes: Get your gymnastics set up; kipping drills and then a few reps of your movement

Immediately before your heat begins, the group will perform:

10 jump rope (dubs or singles)
10 jump rope
3 pull-ups OR 1 muscle up
10 jump rope
2/side alternating DB snatches
10 jump rope
3 pull-ups OR 1 muscle up

5. DB Snatches. There is an argument to transition the DB on the floor instead of in the air. It may help keep your heart rate a little lower. However, this is the one movement that most of you won’t have to think too hard about so if you want to go fast, get after it! Just remember that the transition has to happen below the level of the face!

6. BONUS REPS. In this workout, the jump rope is a fast way to accumulate repetitions. If it’s getting down to the wire, get yourself back to that rope.

That's all we have for now. We will see you all tonight! Good luck!