Who is Murph? And WHY do we do this workout?


Reposted from April 2017

Lietenant Michael P. Murphy, or “Murph,” was born May 7, 1976 in Suffolk County, New York. After graduating from Penn State University, he accepted commission in the Navy and became a U.S. Navy SEAL in July 2002.

On June 28, 2005, he and his team were on a mission to capture or kill top Taliban leader Ahmad Shah. They had successfully found Shah’s safe-house and infiltrated the area when they ran into some goat herders. They debated what to do with the herders, obviously concerned they might tip Taliban hostiles off on their presence in the area. Ultimately, they decided to let them go. Shortly after, the Taliban forces were alerted of their presence and the team was caught on the hillside taking heavy fire.

Murph died that day, while moving to an exposed position, to get a contact signal to headquarters to support his team (the story of his final mission is well portrayed in the movie Lone Survivor). After his death, Murph was awarded the Medal of Honor for actions during War in Afghanistan. He is the first U.S. Navy member to receive the award since Vietnam, and has also been posthumously awarded The Silver Star Medal & Purple Heart. His SEAL team, all but one who died on the mission that took Murphy’s life, is the most decorated SEAL team in history for their actions that day.

The CrossFit Hero workout we at Crossfit Kingfield and thousands of other CrossFit gyms will do on Memorial Day was his favorite workout. He called it “Body Armor,” hence why in CrossFit’s description to wear a weighted vest, or "body armor."

The workout is…

For time:

1 mile run

Partition anyway you like:

100 pull-ups
200 push-ups
300 air squats

1 mile run

“Murph” is a longstanding tradition on Memorial Day. We encourage you to think of his story and that of any other serviceman or woman, known or unknown, who has died protecting our country. Especially in times of turmoil and discord, it is important to remember that, despite who leads, despite who threatens, despite the current state of affairs, there are brave men and women who willingly sacrifice their lives for our country. It is because of them that we are free and can participate in the things we love with the people we love.

For 2018: We hope you will join us in honoring our country’s military on Memorial Day this year. We will run heats of the workout and finish things off with a BBQ afterwards. The heat sheet email has gone out. On that, you will also be able to select an item (or items) to bring to the cookout! We will have an option for kids as well as friends and family who are not members of the gym. Our goal is to celebrate what we get to enjoy as a result of these brave sacrifices: friends, family, fitness and fun.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

-Coach Caitlin