"Member Monday: Prokopis Argyris"

Photo Courtesy of: Samantha Chin

Photo Courtesy of: Samantha Chin

1. Choose 3 words that best describe you.

2. In 2-4 sentences, tell us - “why CrossFit?”
I enjoy CrossFit because it is a constant challenge for my body and mind alike. CrossFit inspires me to try harder in every aspect of my life, be a better athlete and NEVER give up despite how difficult the workout may seem.

3. What goals are you working on - inside of Kingfield?
By being a member of the Kingfield community, I aim to become stronger, fitter, learn new skills and perfect the ones I already know. Every class I take at Kingfield is a different experience, a new challenge and, at the end, a great satisfaction!

4. In 2-4 sentences, tell us what you’re up to OUTSIDE of Kingfield.
I work as a Cancer Biologist at the U of M. Inevitably, work occupies majority of my time. However, given the opportunity, I love cooking for friends, Game Nights, traveling and jogging around the lakes! 

5. If you had 1 box for all of your things - what would you put in it?
My kindle, my laptop, my favorite pair of workout shorts and a bottle of Acqua Di Gio cologne.

6. What is your spirit animal?
I had to take 3 different quizzes to answer this question. Here are the results:
The Wolf
The Bear
The Whale.

So I guess a combo of all these haha :)