"Running + CrossFit: Putting it all Together."

Photo Courtesy of: Samantha Chin 

Photo Courtesy of: Samantha Chin 

In our last 2 blog posts we talked about using CrossFit while training for your ½ or full marathon to prevent injury and how the metcon can replace one of your shorter mid-week runs. This week we will talk about how you can put it all together.

Long Runs:
These are usually done on the weekends, they should also be done at a conversational pace. Make sure you stick to the millage increase on your plan, and these endurance runs should not be skipped if possible.

Tempo Runs:
These are usually done in the 3-6 mile range (depending on your plan). They are usually done mid-week and are done at a pace :03-:07/mile faster than your long run pace. Depending on your plan, this could be one of your mid-week runs that you take out in place of a high intensity metcon - don’t skip these every week though!

Speed Work/Track:
These are short hard intervals with lots of recovery. These should not be programmed every week as they take longer to recover from. If you have these in your plan, you should keep them in your workouts.

Short Mid-Week Runs:
These are usually in the 5-8 mile range and could be replaced with your high intensity metcons. Since you will likely complete your long runs on Saturday or Sunday, it would be best for you to complete your CrossFit workouts Monday - Thursday, so you feel ready/recovered to run on Saturday or Sunday.

Here is an example of what your week could look like: 

Monday: CrossFit - moderate strength/high intensity metcon
Tuesday: 4 mile tempo run
Wednesday: CrossFit - Moderate strength/moderate metcon
Thursday: Cross Train- swim/bike/hike/rowing- these should be done at a moderate effort - to use your muscles in other ways.
Friday: Speed work- 3 - 4 miles
Saturday: Rest Day
Sunday: Long Run- conversational pace - 10 miles

As you can see you can keep your CrossFit programming and training for your big endurance events. If you are not great at moderating your own weights (you just can’t seem to not lift heavy- we get it) talk to the coaches. Let them know your goals/plan and they can help you. Kingfield wants to help you achieve all your fitness goals in any way we can!

- Coach Lea