"Member Monday: Andres Palmquist"

Photo Courtesy of: Samantha Chin 

Photo Courtesy of: Samantha Chin 

  1. Choose 3 words that best describe you.

  2. In 2-4 sentences, tell us - “why CrossFit?”
    CrossFit provided me with an outlet of like-minded people to stay accountable on my fitness goals. Kingfield gives me a community of amazing people who embrace me for me. I truly believe CF Kingfield pushes us to “be the best version of ourselves.” Also I do CrossFit for Lady Gaga Wednesday's :) 

  3. What goals are you working on - inside of Kingfield?
     I finally got over the “hump” for double-unders, so now I’m diving into handstand walks and muscle-ups!

  4. In 2-4 sentences, tell us what you’re up to OUTSIDE of Kingfield.
    Outside of the Kingfield family? I’m about to embark on a 4-month adventure to SE Asia (Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, Malaysia). I have a passion for food (cooking AND eating) so I’m always trying new restaurants. Bonus if they serve a good bloody!

  5. If you had 1 box for all of your things - what would you put in it?
    My computer, a healthy assortment of hats, my kindle,

  6. What is your spirit animal?
    My spirit animal is a raccoon (aka trash panda). I look nice and cuddly, but on the inside I’m a little feisty.