"What To Expect For The Week Ahead: 180820-180826"

Momentum is the make or break ingredient in whether or not you can consistently follow through with your training on a weekly basis. 
Photo Courtesy of: Samantha Chin 

Photo Courtesy of: Samantha Chin 

Momentum. I find that this plays a pivotal role when I coach athletes and we evaluate their progress, however it is something that it is often overlooked. In my opinion, momentum is the make or break ingredient in whether or not you can consistently follow through with your training on a weekly basis. 

Take a moment to reflect over your past week.  Was there a particular day where something came up, unexpected, and you had to adjust how the rest of your day played out? Were you thrown off your game? Did this give you an out to skip your workout that day? 

I’m a creature of habit.  Each day I set out with a plan for what I want to accomplish. This includes everything from coordinating my schedule with Amanda, planning work meetings, coaching classes, and working out. I have to show up in a variety of ways and rarely do I find that my schedule goes to plan.  

My solution for a varying week is simple, I focus on momentum. I take advantage of the days I feel motivated and have a bit of extra time. On the days I find myself getting stuck or delayed, I shift my focus and give myself a break. I remind myself that doing something everyday is better than doing nothing.  

When it comes to training, I realistically look at what I have time for and what I can control.  Remarkably this has helped me maintain my momentum and not get frustrated when I miss a workout! So this week we invite you to focus on momentum when you’re feeling stuck or delayed. Commit to showing up and trust that we will have the rest taken care of.

Week 2 is a 3 x 5 @ 78% or RPE 6.  This is a modest increase from last week.  Make the appropriate weight increase and focus on the key points we have been talking about.  If you show up to train and you “feel great” don’t add an extra 10 or 20#!  Stick to the prescribed loading because the upcoming weeks will give you plenty of opportunities to move some weight!

We are going to stick with the same cues this week because they still apply.  Remember to focus your efforts here.  This way of thinking will help you increase your capacity in the long run. Gauge your quality of movement on whether you can create tension in your midline and still apply upward force into the barbell.  Here are two questions to ask yourself:

  1. How do I engage my midline?  Envision that you are wearing a small belt around your torso and you are trying push it out.  We want to create 360 degrees of tension when doing this (I like to think about pressing out at my sides, that helps create the effect I’m looking for).
  2. How do I use my trunk when squatting?  Remember that the bar is resting on your shoulders or your collarbone.  Imagine this as a stable and hard surface that you need to keep level.  On the descent, focus on staying engaged through your shoulder blades.  When you stand, simply focus on pressing into the bar slightly as you shrug your shoulders up.  This will help you use your trunk!

The metcons this week all present a separate challenge in and of themselves.  Each day we encourage you to work within your own capacity and don’t get caught up in the competition. You never know, you might just find a workout with 45 burpees and a 500 meter row…  

Keep it real this week with one of my favorite albums of all time:
"Back in the day when I was a teenager
Before I had status and before I had a pager
You could find the Abstract listening to hip hop
My dad said it used to remind him of be-bop.'
“Excursions”  A Tribe Called Quest

- Coach Danny