"Member Monday: Carly Loewen"

  1. Choose 3 words that best describe you.

  2. In 2-4 sentences, tell us - “why CrossFit?”
    I love CrossFit because it allows me a space to work really hard at things that I may or may not be good at. I love the community that celebrates victories and allows failures as learning opportunities. I love teaching myself and my body to accomplish new things.

  3. What goals are you working on - inside of Kingfield?
    My number one goal each week is to show up. Life and work and stress get in the way sometimes, but I keep trying. Other than that I would really like to nail some toes to bar and increase my snatch weight.

  4. In 2-4 sentences, tell us what you’re up to OUTSIDE of Kingfield.
    Outside of Kingfield I’m usually working as a nurse on the Blood and Marrow Transplant floor at the University of Minnesota hospital. I love my work and find it to be really rewarding. I also somewhat recently got married and my husband and I are closing on our first house next month. We love going to concerts so are usually out and about at one show or another. 

  5. If you had 1 box for all of your things - what would you put in it?
    I would need good music and a good book or seven!  

  6. What is your spirit animal?
    My spirit animal has got to be an owl, they’re smart and stay up all night.