"What To Expect For The Week Ahead: 180827-180902 "

Whether you are cooking pancakes or going for a snatch PR, shit can go wrong. That’s life. 
Photo Courtesy of: Samantha Chin 

Photo Courtesy of: Samantha Chin 

“That was way harder than I thought it would be!”

This is something we hear from time to time as coaches. To be honest this is totally normal, but it is important to understand context when you feel like this. The conversation you have in your head has a huge impact on your outlook and how you deal with adversity.

Let me paint this picture for you: 

  1. You come to class feeling great and excited for the workout.
  2. You already have a game plan for how you want to approach this kind of metcon.
  3. Confidence is high, clothes game is on point, future IG posts are brewing in your head.  Nothing can go wrong.

On the surface this seems like the perfect recipe for success, however workouts don’t always go to plan and far to often the outcome looks like this:

  1. You can’t understand why everything feels so heavy and your breathing so hard.
  2. The conversation in your head turns negative and all of your self proclaimed “weaknesses” come to the forefront.
  3. You feel discouraged, you start to question why you’re doing this, and you realize you still have 10-minutes left before the time cap!

What do you do?  My advice first and foremost is to recognize what you can and can’t control. You have to understand that not everything is always going to go to plan. Whether you are cooking pancakes or going for a snatch PR, shit can go wrong. That’s life. But if you make a conscious effort to control the conversation in your head and see adversity as an opportunity for improvement, you will realize overtime that fitness will take on a whole new meaning.  

So this week I invite you all to allow yourself to be okay with things not going to plan.  Understand that in order for us to improve and succeed, we must be willing to take a chance.  Even if that chance doesn’t play out the way we intended it to.

Week 3 is a 3 x 4 @ 83% or RPE 7.  We are starting to creep up on some weights that will require you to bring a little more gusto. Remind yourself that squatting heavy is a skill and it has to be practiced. Stay within the loading recommendations and work on being aggressive. Wearing a belt this week will not be frowned upon.

Our cues for the week are going to be simple. I find that when the technical demand for a lift increases, I need simple and concise cues so I can ensure I am aggressive.

Here are cues to remind yourself:

  1. Breathe deep and brace. This will allow you to create the necessary tension to allow for a stable midline. 
  2. Press through the floor. Remember that we need to drive our feet through the floor so we can create the appropriate amount of force on the barbell.  Ensure your feet feel stable before the lift!


Metcons this week will all present a technical challenge for the day. As coaches we have worked on ways find ways to push you to your edge, only so that you can increase your capacity for success!

Don’t ever be afraid to pursue something that might interest or appeal to you. Even if you don’t fully understand it - listen to that voice that pursues with honest inquiry.

"I don’t exactly know what I mean by that, but I mean it.” The Catcher in the Rye, J.D. Salinger

- Coach Danny