"Member Monday: Mehmet Ugurbil."

  1. Choose 3 words that best describe you.

  2. In 2-4 sentences, tell us - “why CrossFit?”
    I started Crossfit at Kingfield, and I am not sure what gym I'll go now. So the answer is Kingfield!

  3. What goals are you working on - inside of Kingfield?
    My main goal is improving my focus and resilience. I work on getting the correct movement patterns, prevent injury and continuously challenge myself.

  4. In 2-4 sentences, tell us what you’re up to OUTSIDE of Kingfield.
    Outside Kingfield, I like to spend time with family and friends. Otherwise, I fly planes and try various different activities, preferably extreme sports. Also starting soon, I am going to start making sure you have the best time watching YouTube!

  5. If you had 1 box for all of your things - what would you put in it?
    Credit card, smart phone, headphones, who uses anything else?

  6. What is your spirit animal?
    Altai Falcon