September Reset: Nutrition Hacks

Photo credit Samantha Chin

Photo credit Samantha Chin

Last week we looked at how to reset your schedule and get back into a routine. This week we will look at your nutrition and what changes you can make there. You can make some small adjustments that will have a big impact.

1) Have you gotten in the habit of happy hour a few nights a week? Try and limit your alcohol consumption to 1-2 days a week and only 1-2 drinks. Those beer, wine and cocktail calories add up fast, and by cutting out weeknight drinking, you may find you drop a few pounds.

2) Get back into (or start) meal prepping. Coach Lea really likes cooking dinner every night, so she doesn’t prep for that, but making sure she has quick lunch options and lots of healthy snacks on hand makes a huge difference. Best not to wait until you are hungry to find something to eat!

Next week we will look at how you can get your sleep and recovery back on track.

-Coach Lea