"Granite Games 2018"

Photo Courtesy of: thegranitegames.com

Photo Courtesy of: thegranitegames.com

This weekend, 21 athletes from CrossFit Kingfield will head to Saint Cloud, MN, to compete in a three-day, 10 event fitness competition: The Granite Games. This is the sixth year that Kingfield has had athletes participate, but what used to be a handful has now grown to almost two dozen!

We are looking forward to the challenges ahead (see some of our workouts below!) and the camaraderie that comes from sharing in an experience like this.

We would love to see some friendly faces in the crowd! The competition is held on the Saint Cloud State University athletics campus, with events in the National Hockey Center, Halenbeck Fieldhouse and in Husky Stadium. See the schedule below for general times and which workouts occur on which days - all days you’re sure to catch our teams in action regardless of what time you are there. The cost for a day pass is $60 or you can buy a weekend pass for $90 (we didn’t make these rules)! We will try to take as many pictures, "Insta-stories" and FB posts as possible to keep you all in the loop.

The Teams:

Women’s Team of 3 Scaled Division

"Ladies of the 80's"
Lea Kirdatt
Jess Mendoza
Meg Johnson

"The Smart Belles"
Mikayla Dalton
Lizzy Van Harpen
Ingrid O’Connor

Women’s Team of 3 Intermediate Division

"Kingfield of Dreams"
Katie Schiltz
Amy Althoff
Tara Evangelist

"Fight Milk"
Olivia Haggerty
Mary Spaniol
Caitlin Tripp

Men’s Team of 3 Intermediate Division

"Chips & Strict Queso Dips"
Karl Kratzke
Harlee Wood
Tyler Morris

"Catherine Zeta-Jones"
Mike Maresh
Alex Herrera
Dave Holl

"Rum Ham"
Alex Tripp
Jesse Velasquez
Peter Griganavicius

The Workouts

As you review the schedule below, use this guide as a reference to which workouts will be happening!

In Husky Stadium on Friday (women) & Saturday (men)
Obstacle Course relay + Drag Race

Athletes will work through the O-course relay-style, completing 15ft. Rope climbs, a ring traverse (like monkey bars but on gymnastics rings), a balance beam and some over/under obstacles.

- After the time cap is reached, there will be a 5 minute reset -

Then they will complete a sled pull, done by two teammates simultaneously, while the third is dragging a giant sandbag. Teammates will rotate through to complete three rounds.

In the Field House on Friday (men) & Saturday (women)
Hang on + Synchro Snake

Another "two-fer" with the first part requiring completion of a combination of muscle ups, pull-ups and C2B pull-ups, depending on your division.

- After the 5 minute time cap is reached, there will be a 1 minute reset -

Then teams will alternate between TTB and “worm” squats, where communication and synchronization will be put to the test. The intermediate divisions must complete synchronized TTB and all divisions will move and squat an extra long sandbag with all three teammates working at once.

In the National Hockey Center on Friday (men and women)
Heavy Assault

A waterfall style event with sprints on the Assault AirRunner and heavy shoulder-to-overhead.

In the National Hockey Center on Saturday (men and women)
1RM Clean

Teams will have 9 minutes for all three teammates to establish a 1RM Clean. Score is total load. We also have to run a 5K really early in the morning on Saturday!

In the National Hockey Center on Sunday (men and women)
Dead Burpees + Row

Two partners work on partner deadlifts (40-30-20-10) and synchronized burpees (30-20-10) over the bar while the third is rowing for max meters. Teammates can switch at any time.

In Husky Stadium on Sunday (men and women)

We haven’t gotten an announcement on this one yet.

The Schedule