WOD 190110

Musings from an average athlete by Coach Lea

I am an average athlete in every sense of the word. I am pretty good at deadlifts, swimming and eating my veggies, but am seriously lacking in my running, gymnastics skills and ability to say “no” to ice cream. I thought I would share my thoughts about different workouts as I do them, so you can see how an average athlete breaks things down, and what she thinks about as she is doing them.

Today I will be talking about the Hero WOD “Chad Wilkinson” which is 1000 step ups with a weight vest for time.

Jess, Meg, Olivia, Lea and Amit, all post “Chad”

Jess, Meg, Olivia, Lea and Amit, all post “Chad”

So I decided to do this workout after my friend Jess said she was thinking about doing it on New Year’s Day….sounded like a great way to start off 2019. We rounded up a few other friends, Amit, Meg and Olivia and went for it. I would like to mention that doing a workout with high volume of a single movement should not be taken lightly. I did not do any other workouts that day and I took the next day off. Two days later I did an easy rowing workout to flush out my legs.

I wrote up my reps on the board in sets of 50 to help me keep track (I mean I can count to 50….right?) I knew I would like the break of having to go and cross off the reps. As I started out I would do 10 reps on my right leg then switch to 10 on my left. It was also a bit of a pain that my weight vest didn’t have any straps to hold it in place, so I had to keep it from swinging around by holding it in place with my arm. Once I got over the annoyance, it was mostly ok. For the most part I really tried to focus on counting the reps for those 50 reps and not think about anything else. At one point Danny came in and asked what rep I was on, and all I could say was “27” because that was all I knew that that point.


So the 10/leg rep scheme lasted for about 150 reps, and then it was just not working for me, so I alternated each step.

Mentally I was doing ok until around rep 350. Then I started thinking that maybe I should have had some more food before I did this (we started at 3:30pm) there is no way I am going to finish 1000 reps. Thinking about food distracted me for about 150 reps until I got to half way. After I got to 500 I decided I needed to take on a bigger chunk before I took another break. So I took on 100 reps at once. There was something mentally about knowing that I was well past half way before I took my next break. The feeling of awesomeness only lasted for about 100 more reps, when I got to 700 reps I wanted to cry thinking there is no way I can do 300 more reps….why did I think this was a good idea.

This is where sh*t got really ugly. Meg had finished; so had Olivia. Mentally, it was tough to see them done knowing I still had what seemed like a huge amount to go. I took the opportunity to steal the weight vest that Olivia had used so that at least I wouldn’t have to deal with the swinging weight vest anymore. For the last 250 steps I did a set of 10 then took a pause and then another 10, because thinking about 50 reps was took much for me to deal with.

I hadn’t been looking at the time, other than using it to manage my rest, so I really had no idea how long I had been moving. But 1 hour 20 minutes and 54 seconds later I finished 1000 step ups.

Like most Hero WODs I knew it would be tough and a grind, and this one didn’t disappoint. I did a lot of positive self talk (I would tell myself that I have done Ironman races, so I can finish this.) Plus a few not so positive (I need to make better life choices….like not doing 1000 step ups for time).

Until next time, keep working hard and have some fun while you are at it!


Thursday 190110

Strength - Split Squat - 2 x 8 @ RPE 6

Athletes will have 12 minutes to work up to and complete 2 sets of 8 per leg of the back rack barbell split squat. Coaches will talk athletes through proper positioning of the foot, shin and knee. Those who cannot maintain a good position and/or balance with the barbell may perform these unweighted or with DBs.

Metcon - 4 x 2:00 on/3:00 off:

12 burpees to a 6" touch
200ft. shuttle run
Max double unders in the remaining time

-REST 3 min between-

17 minute cap