WOD 190116

Squats: Quads or Hamstrings?

Sometimes, I get questions from athletes on what muscles they should be feeling during their squats. Is is their quads or hamstrings?

Squats should definitely be felt in your quads! The quads should be the primary movers. By using the quads, you are able to maintain an upright torso and prevent injury.

You’ll want to stay away from feeling squats in your hamstrings. If you think about it, in what exercises do you train hamstrings? Deadlifts and Goodmornings. In these exercises, you’re hinging and your torso is bent over. This is never how you want to perform your squats. Although, the hamstrings are important, they are not the priority in squats.

Now, depending on your build and flexibility, you might feel squats in your hamstrings, but the goal should be to improve your flexibility and feel more quads eventually.

I hope you guys find this helpful! This is going to be crucial as we prep and get into the CrossFit Open!


Wednesday 190116

Strength - DL from below the knee: Build to a controlled 8RM @ RPE + 2 x 6 @ working weight

FOCUS should be to increase weight from last week by ~5%. We’re using the same scheme with the idea being that you have some repeatability at slightly heavier weights each week.

Metcon - For time:

15 Power snatches (95/65)
15 Bar over burpees

-REST 60 seconds-

12 Power snatches
12 Bar over burpees

-REST 45 seconds-

9 Power snatches
9 Bar over burpees

-REST 30 seconds-

6 Power snatches
6 Bar over burpees

-REST 15 seconds-

3 Power snatches
3 Bar over burpees

12 minute cap

This one is about capacity and trying to teach about output. Often times, especially in open workouts, we shoot ourselves in the foot by coming out too hot in a workout with volume like this one. The idea is to perform controlled efforts each round with built in recovery. Ideally when you get the the Open, the rest period is shorter but this allows you to be “okay” with taking a break before reloading.