WOD 190102

There have been times where I have heard some of my athletes say that there is not a day that he/she goes without making some type of mistake.  I ask myself, “why would you ever say that about yourself?”  So as a coach, I did my best to turn this around to something positive and reminded the athlete that he/she always can learn from the mistakes.

I’ve written a blog on coming into training with a positive attitude that you can read here.  However, coming into training with a positive mindset sometimes isn’t enough.  What I am trying to say is, what are you exactly saying to yourself throughout the day or during training?  This will affect your attitude and how you approach everything.  For example, a few comments I usually hear are, “Why do I feel so crappy?” “Why does my warm-up suck?” “I forgot how to snatch today” “How do you lift? What is lifting?”  These comments don’t seem like a big deal when being said. Sometimes we have a long day at work or just want to joke around, and it feels really easy to say these things. But, what we don’t realize is that over time, our subconscious will make it so that these comments become true. You unconsciously start finding ways to make these comments true.

I recently picked up a book again called “What to Say When You Talk to Your Self” by Shad Helmstetter. In the book, it says that “the mind is a machine that never sleeps.” Obviously, during the day, our mind is working, but at night our mind is actually still at work.  Helmstetter shared that our subconscious mind is making sure that we become what we have unconsciously told or described ourselves.  So if I have conditioned myself to believe that I am not good at something, my subconscious mind will make sure that statement is true.  So what you think about and tell yourself is very important.  

You can change the way you think and what you say to yourself to your benefit.  First, you must change what you say to your self. If you are a coach, teammate, or friend and you catch someone saying something negative about themselves, try to turn it around and make it positive!


Wednesday 190102

Strength - Back squat - 3 x 6 @ RPE 5-6

Athletes will have 16 minutes to work up to and complete 3 sets of 6 reps at an RPE of 5-6. This is a deload week so the focus should be on perfect position and control. Add tempo or pauses to make it more challenging! Weight should feel like a warm-up :)

Metcon - 4 rounds for quality:

2:00 minute assault bike w/nasal breathing only

-REST 2:00 between intervals-

16 minute cap

Athletes who choose may bike 30/22 calories per round, however they must be able to maintain nasal breathing and complete the work in 2 minutes or less.