WOD 190125

Farewell for Now

So…this appears to be the last blog post I’ll write for the Kingfield website.

It would be hard to describe the emotions that come with typing that sentence so I’m not going to attempt to do so here.

Instead, I’m going to leave you with some advice, some thoughts I’ve shared with many of you individually that I’ll now share collectively. Some of these stem from CrossFit but I have found many of the things I have learned in my last eight and a half years of coaching this discipline can be applied far outside the four walls of the gym.

First, Kingfield is Kingfield because of all of you. It’s bigger than any one person, member or coach. It’s about love and loyalty and courage. You are all here because you believe in people. CrossFit and exercise is the tool through which we’ve found success in building character and community that reflects those values. Continue carrying that message, be kind to each other and work hard.

Second, training is a tool for maintaining/improving your health and well-being. It is not a make-or-break, not an end-all, be-all. I’ve made this mistake - I’ve been in the headspace of self-loathing because of a missed workout or a less than stellar performance. Don’t. Do. That. To. Yourselves. I care about you too much for what you do here for this to be anything but fun and something that challenges your edges. It’s a fine line we tread to admire dedication but also the freedom to say “not today” because I’m sick or I have a better offer to spend time with family and friends. The barbells and assault bikes will still be there tomorrow. I promise you that.

Third, train with intention. You owe it to yourself to be present when you are here. Whether it’s five in the morning or seven at night, leave your baggage, both visible and invisible, at the door and focus on yourself. You have so much time and room to grow. Be patient, embrace the process and pay attention. The best things is life take time: toes to bar and double unders are no exception ;)

Fourth, you do not need to do all the things at the same time. In fact, you kind of self-sabotage if you’re simultaneously trying to improve your aerobic capacity and your absolutely strength, for example. Those adaptations are opposing and use different energy systems. If you want to get stronger, commit. Dedicate yourself to getting stronger for 6, 8, 12 months. Commit to the challenge of not doing metcons (harder than you think) and eating, sleeping and training to get strong. Then, when you’ve made the changes you want to make, go back and get your engine back. The added strength will lend itself (not immediately!) to better performance in metcons believe it or not and your fitness will come back fast than you think. Want to improve your gymnastics? Don’t practice crappy technique once the clock is running. Hold yourself accountable to proper positioning and quality repetitions, even if it’s one at time. I promise you will get better over time. Commit to the process and you will be pleased with the outcome.

Fifth, demand the best from yourself and those around you. “Demand” has a negative connotation but it doesn’t need to be so. By asking for the best, you challenge yourself and others, members and coaches alike, to improve. As a result, everything gets better. But so often we lend ourselves to the path of least resistance. We fall into complacency. We accept things for how they are because it is the way we have always done them. I want you to demand more. Continue to grow, to pursue excellence and bring others along for the ride. CrossFit does this inherently to a degree but we must be active participants. At no point should you say “I have arrived” - when you say this, the only place for you to go is down (and that’s kind of depressing). So relentlessly pursue more. Expand your fitness from these four walls, find out how it serves you beyond barbells and kettlebells. And ask others to join you. This journey (I hope) is infinite for you. You are training as much for that local comp in three months as you are for chasing grandkids around in thirty years. Do not lose sight of that.

I wish all of the best things for this community. I know you have a great year in store. I will be watching and cheering you on every step of the way, sometimes near and sometimes from afar. Know that you have impacted me in a way that I will never be able to adequately describe and I am forever grateful to you for that. Continue to be brave and to dare to be more tomorrow than you are today.

Until next time,


Friday 190125

Open WOD 17.4 (& 16.4)


55 Deadlifts
55 Wallballs
55 calories on the Rower
55 Handstand push-ups

RX’d - 225/155# for deadlifts, 20/14# on wallballs, Open standard for HSPU

Scaled - 135/95# for deadlifts, 14/10# on wallballs, hand-release push-ups