Embrace the shift.

When I was growing up, I remember a coach of mine telling our basketball team, “Sometimes in life you have to eat a few shit sandwiches to really understand what’s going on in the world.”  

In retrospect that was probably more cathartic for him than anything (as we got the living shit beat out of us by Holy Angels), but it got the message across and that line has stuck with me to this day.  Now, how applicable that pearl of wisdom is to today’s blog is up to you.  But if you read this one all the way through, you might find out where it fits :)

By now most of you have heard (or seen) that I have made a drastic shift in my training focus the past 6 months.  In early August I decided that I would take a step back from traditional CrossFit and weightlifting (snatch/clean and jerk) to focus on a more disciplined approach to hypertrophy training (fancy way of saying bodybuilding).

My motivation was driven by the fact that I felt there was a growing need amongst our community for an alternative program that would support this kind of regimen.  For those of you that don’t know, bodybuilding is a sport - and a damn hard one at that.  But from a training perspective it can be summed up as a controlled approach to volume based periodization and nutritional discipline.  Research has shown that this type of training is quite favorable when it comes to aesthetics, and let’s be honest, we all have times that we wished we looked a certain type of way.  

I must insert here that I am not about to sell you a program that promises amazing before and after photos. - I can’t control that.  You have to do the work.  But what I can tell you is that the program I have been following (and the one that will begin in May at Kingfield) required that I commit to myself and embrace a shift.

As your coach, I believe it is imperative that I lead from a beginner’s mindset and speak from a place of experience.  In my mind there is a clear distinction between reciting information and having knowledge about something - the two are not synonymous.  So when I decided to start this program, I had to make a promise to myself that I commit to process - even if I disagreed.

I am always very open about the fact that the programs I follow (food and training) are written for me - I have two coaches.  One of my core principles of owning a gym is that I remain empathetic to my clients and put myself in their shoes - hence I pay a hefty monthly fee for coaching.  This also demands that I remain coachable and follow direction.  

Early on I had to embrace two very hard truths about this upcoming process.  First was the idea that hypertrophy training and training for maximal strength, don’t necessarily coexist.  In fact, my experience (and countless recent research studies) has shown me that they do not.  This was challenging for me because a large portion of my “fitness identity” was secretly tied to my performance numbers (which were likely going to decrease noticeably). 

The second truth that I had to embrace was the fact that my current body fat percentage was not at an optimal range to support the growth of lean muscle mass (more on that later).  This meant that I was going to have to cut weight before I was going to be able to gain mass.  

In upcoming blogs I will talk about what I have been doing specifically and what you can expect at Kingfield this spring.  But today I wanted to tell you how embracing the journey I have been on the last 6 months has been the best thing I could have done for myself in awhile.  Through all of this I have learned that training must be a dedicated process, and having a coach to guide and lead the way is imperative.

So today I invite you to reflect on your training.  Ask yourself what goals do you have set for 2019?  Consider the fact that in order to achieve these, you might have to dedicate yourself to a process.  I’m almost certain they will require you to sit down with your coach and design a plan.  I’m also certain that it won’t be easy.  But if you embrace the shift, you will most certainly surprise yourself with what you’re capable of.


WOD 190130

STRENGTH:  Clean x 1 @ RPE 7

A) From 0:00-10:00, athletes will perform multiple reps of the warm-up complex AND build to their RPE 6 weight:

Warm-up Complex:  2 clean pulls + 2 full cleans

B) From 10:00-20:00, athletes will complete an EMOM style of:: 

1 Full clean @ RPE 7



On a 4 minute clock, complete:

50 Wall balls @ 20/14#

Max bar over burpees in remianing time **


On a 4 minute clock, complete:

40 Wall balls @ 20/14#

Max bar over burpees in remaining time **


For Time:

30 Wall balls @ 20/14#

30 Burpees over the bar **

20 minute time cap!!

** Athletes should chat with their coaches about the volume of each portions of today's workout if it will prevent them from preserving intensity.  Coaches will help modify accordingly!