WOD 190107

Open Preparation Cycle - Block 1

As you’ve probably heard, we are entering into our Open preparation for 2019. For a little more general information about the Open, check out the post from last Thursday (here). We’ll be sharing a lot more in the coming weeks on why and how you can participate and what you can expect at Kingfield during the Open!

Our class programming is now entering a block that is geared towards preparing you for the challenges that we expect to see in the Open. There are a few highlights that I would like to point out so you can set your expectations appropriately going into the next few months.


1) Consistent Strength Schedule - once we hit the actual Open, we plan on running a consistent week so we thought why not just start that up now? You can expect our weeks to follow this format:

Monday - Back squat
Tuesday - Metcon only
Wednesday - Deadlift
Thursday - Lower body accessory
Friday - Open workout
Saturday - Weightlifting
Sunday - Pressing

We are hopeful that knowing this will allow you plan your week accordingly and attack weaknesses. For example, if you struggle with going overhead, making it a point to come on Sundays and work on your pressing strength and technique will go along way for volume shoulder to overhead or thrusters that are almost always a staple in the Open.

This schedule will shift slightly during the Open to require for appropriate preparation and recovery from the workouts on Fridays but consistency will be the name of the game.

2) Skill EMOMs - You will see A LOT of these as this structure allows for direct observation of where your capacity in any given skill might break down. It also places a more optimal stimulus around skill development, reducing the metabolic demands that we see in non-stop metcons.

These days are for teaching too - there will be some standing around and quite a bit of demonstration. This is also a more ideal environment for skill development. There will be other days for go, go, go!

*On a side note, we strongly recommend that you invest in a pair of gymnastics grips. Even for kipping drills they will be huge for keeping you in the game as we start to up the ante on the gymnastics movements.

3) Gymnastics Prehab - On days where we have more pull-ups or TTBs, we will have a specific prehab sequence that we ask you to complete prior to class. We will post this in Wodify as well on those days but try to be diligent about completing this. It will help keep your biceps tendons happy as we start to increase our pulling volume.

Prehab Sequence - 3 Rounds for quality:

10 Paused banded pull aparts
10 Scap push-ups
10 Scap pull-ups
10 Table top rocks (video here; go hips up & down slowly 10x)

4) Open Workout Fridays - All Fridays from now through the Open will be host to those style of workout. The next seven weeks will be recycled workouts from Opens past. On Feb. 22nd, we will run the first Open workout of 2019 and continue that for the next five Fridays (until Mar. 22nd). ALL OF OUR CLASSES will have these workouts programmed. Coaches will help you determine which option for the workout is best for you.

There will be some who will want to tackle the Open either as an Rx’d, Scale or Master’s athlete, following the standards prescribed by the workouts (and Dave Castro, Director of the CF Games). Remember, however, that we are capable to finding a middle ground for anyone - our goal will remain to meet you where you’re at, so you feel challenged yet accomplished and successful at the end of the session.

For those of you who are new to the Open, these next seven weeks will serve as a nice primer as to what the workouts are like, the standards and how you might adjust it to meet your needs. The Open is just another series of workouts that are fun to take on - the cool thing about it is that it happens on a global scale.

5) Weightlifting EMOMs - Two things we know about the Open and weightlifting: First, we are almost always asked for consistency in our ability snatch or clean a specific submaximal weight. Second, we are almost always asked to build to a heavy single of some kind of lift in a short amount of time.

On Saturdays over the coming months, we will run EMOMs of Snatch or Clean + Jerk with the goal of preparing for these demands. The weights will start lighter with more attempts to stick them. As the weights increase, the required reps will reduce. This structure allows us to emphasize the time demands during Open workouts and build confidence in our technique and strength at moderate to heavy weights.

If you have any questions about the upcoming programming (see this coming week here) or the Open, don’t hesitate to ask a coach!


Monday 190107

Strength - Back Squat - 3 x 10-12 @ RPE 6

Athletes will have 20 minutes to build to and complete 3 sets of 10-12 reps. The focus is control, time under tension and standing fast on each repetition.

Metcon - For time:

50 Wallballs (20/14)
50 alternating DB snatches @ moderate

10 minute cap