WEEK OF 191007-191013

MONDAY 191007

STRENGTH:  Back squat. 3 x 5 @ RPE 7

Athletes will work for 20 minutes completing 3 sets of 5 reps at RPE 7.  The focus of today’s strength work (and the focus over the course of the next 5 weeks) is maintenance volume.  Athletes should work to build on position and consistency in tempo.


AMRAP 15 minutes:

400 meter run

21 Russian KB swings @ RPE 7

12 Banded strict mix grip pull ups

**INTENT: Moderate leg volume and pulling mechanics.  Goal today is a consistent, longer duration aerobic effort.


TUESDAY 191008

STRENGTH:  DB Bench Press x Kneeling DB Row. 3 x 6-8 @ RPE 7

Athletes will complete a super set of DB bench press and kneeling DB rows.  Athletes should focus on control with each movement and a strong mind muscle connection.  Row sets should be 6-8 reps per arm.


For Time:

21 - 15 - 9 

Matador dip **

Sandbag to shoulder @ RPE 7

11 minute time cap!

**MATADOR DIP: Athletes should focus on full, pain free range of motion.  Athletes who cannot complete 45 strict dips should focus on pause neutral grip push ups.

**INTENT: Moderate pressing volume and hinge mechanics



STRENGTH:  Snatch pull (2) + Hang snatch (2)

Athletes will work for 20 minutes to complete 3-5 sets of today’s snatch complex.  The goal is to build to a weight that is ~RPE 6-7 and complete successful reps.  No misses!  Athletes should use this as a time to work on refining their technique.


EMOM 15 minutes:
M1:  :40 Max effort assault bike

M2:  :40 Alternating DB snatches @ 50/35#


**INTENT: High intensity work to rest intervals to prepare for the Open on Friday.



OPEN SKILLS:  Double unders 

Week 3!!!  Athletes will work for 20 minutes completing on skill progressions that will help develop efficient and consistent double under reps.  The goal of today is to focus on areas that will not only help athletes get their first few sets of double unders, but also become more efficient at higher volumes under fatigue.


4 Rounds For Quality:

30 Calorie row

200 ft. Single arm FR farmers carry (R) **

200 ft. Single arm FR farmers carry (L) **

12 Cossack squats @ BW or Light

REST :60 to :90 BETWEEN

20 minute time cap!!

**INTENT: Skill practice and positional recovery work to prepare for 20.1


FRIDAY 191011


CrossFit Open 20.1

___________________________________________________________________________________SATURDAY 191012




SUNDAY 191013