Fitness FOMO is real. How do we deal?

Looking ahead at the 2019 functional fitness landscape, you may or may not have noticed that there are quite a few calendar events in the coming months.  In 10 days the 2019 CrossFit Open will be kicking off.  Shortly after that we will have the 2019 Granite Games Open.  Followed by an annual CrossFit Memorial Day tradition in Murph, only to see the 2019 Granite Games Championships begin a mere 3 days later!

Fitness FOMO is real.  And as your coaches we wanted to take some time today to talk about responsible training and how to approach these upcoming events.  Before we dive into specifics, lets recap the dates of these events and number of workouts that are associated with each:

2019 CrossFit Open: February 21st - March 25th (5 workouts over 5 weeks)

2019 Granite Games Online Open: April 10th - April 22nd (~4-5 workouts in 12 days)

2019 Murph:  May 27th (1 very gnarly workout)

2019 Granite Games: May 30th - June 2nd (~7 workouts in 3 days)

Timeline of Events:  February 21st - June 2nd = 102 days/~14.5 weeks 

In later blogs, we will discuss volume, recovery, and mindset with each of these events.  But today I wanted to chat about priorities and how setting goals within the context of the upcoming training season will allow for a greater sense of personal achievement and a higher level of participation with the upcoming events.

It has been my experience when working with athletes that setting goals for an event or a given season is extremely helpful.  First, asking an athlete to identify exactly what they want out of a given training cycle forces them to take some measure of responsibility over their success.  From a coaching standpoint, goals give some framework when designing a program template.  

Once both sides of the line are established, coach and athlete must have an open and honest conversation about what they believe is possible for the upcoming training cycle.  Lifestyle factors such as family, work, nutrition, hydration, recovery, and available training time must be considered before any workouts are programmed.

So this begs the question - how should we approach the upcoming training cycle and try to navigate all of these events?  Well, the first thing we need from you is to think about what are your goals.  Which of these events would you like to put the most focus and training energy towards?

We created a simple google form to start this process.  Click here to find the form. Please take a few moments to fill out the questionnaire so we can start formulating a plan for our community.  As your coaches we want to assist you in any way we can so we appreciate you taking the time to fill this out.  Please understand that our intent is to help guide you in the best possible way.  If you have any pertinent questions, don’t hesitate to reach out via email  

I hope you all are having a great Monday and we will see you soon!


WOD 190211

STRENGTH:  Back squat: 3 x 4-6 @ RPE 8 

Athletes should focus on control and consistent drive through the legs. With a higher RPE, athletes should ensure that each set they have ~2 reps in the tank.


AMRAP 12 minutes:

10 DB Box step overs @ 24/20"" + moderate **

15 Wall balls @ 20/14#

5 Sandbag to shoulder @ moderate

** Athletes should choose a weight that will allow them to move consistently and safely for the entire 12 minutes