WOD 190217


Split Squat: 2 x 14 per @ RPE 8 

Athletes should focus on knees over the toes + control through the back knee + strong drive through the front foot. Intensity will be achieved due to increased volume NOT increased loading.


"Can you go unbroken?"

For Time:

18 Power snatches @ RPE 5

REST :30

15 Power snatches @ RPE 5

REST :30

12 Power snatches @ RPE 5

If you have to drop the bar - 3 Burpees!!

** Athletes should use today's metcon as a chance to build their capacity with unbroken reps.  Athletes should choose a weight that will be challenging, however it will not compromise their position.  The intended stimulus is to take athletes close to their threshold each round.

10 minute time cap!