It's not about the destination.

Traveling has always been something that Amanda and I have loved to do together.  Part of the allure is the literal change of scenery.  It’s exciting to explore new places or revisit our favorite destinations.  I believe that changing your daily routine is healthy from time to time as it allows for a new creative process and mental outlook.  But what we cherish most about traveling is the time we get to spend together - the small moments that allow for a greater appreciation and growth of our friendship and relationship.

If you are in Minnesota reading this post, I’m sure you are having one of two thoughts right now.  You are either loving the snow and everything that comes with it, or you are dreaming about somewhere other than here - anywhere will usually suffice.

Personally I prefer the cold weather seasons.  I love the crisp air and the sense of calm that comes with snow.  Being able to step outside and notice my breath has always been something that I appreciated about growing up in Colorado and now appreciate about living in Minnesota.  But I do have those moments when I (we) get the urge to head out of town, and over the years have we found that these impulses usually correlate when our schedules are the busiest.

This begs the question:  what do we do?  Do we drop everything and jump ship?

Currently, spontaneous travel is not a luxury that exists in our lives today. We have to be very scheduled and plan ahead - or accept that fact that the year will pass us by in an instant.  What we have found successful for us though is spending dedicated times throughout the week planning and talking with one another.  

This usually promotes some nostalgic conversations about where we could revisit, or stokes some creative thinking about were could explore!  Either way, the time we get to spend together - talking, planning, and experiencing - is truly what it is about.  

So today on this snowy day, I challenge you to take some time for yourself and think about your next vacation.   Think about getting away for a bit.  Focus on the small details - who you will travel with?  Where will you stay?  What kind of coffee will you drink?  What card games will you play?  Put your energy towards the things that will allow you too unplug.   Often times vacations can be stunted by putting too much energy towards things that will ultimately stress us out - how much will it cost?  How long can we actually get away for?  Who will watch the dogs?

I think you will find that if you put your good juju for the day towards the small details that come with traveling, you will find that it’s not so much about the destination, rather the moments we are able to have when we actually get away.

Happy Thursday Everyone!



WOD 190207 

STRENGTH:  Snatch x 1 @ RPE 8

A) From 0:00-12:00, athletes will perform multiple reps of the warm-up complex AND build to their RPE 8 weight:

Warm-up Complex:  2 snatch pulls + 2 full snatches

B) From 12:00-20:00, athletes will complete 1 rep every :90 to 2 minutes:

1 Full snatch @ RPE 8


3 Rounds For Time:

20 Calorie row **

10 Toes to bar **

10 minute time cap!