14 Days out! What you need to know about The Open this year at Kingfield

1.) I’m new to Kingfield and I’ve never heard of The Open before, should I participate?

Absolutely!  At Kingfield we host The Open every year because it is a great way for our community to come together and support each other in the spirit of fitness.  We believe that as an affiliate there is something special about joining over 15,000 gyms worldwide and “competing” in the same workout.  As things go at Kingfield, “competing” is a term that we do not use lightly.  We coach our athletes to find the aspects of each workout that will challenge them, but also promote their long term success in training.  In some cases that might mean scaling back on the weight, and in others that might mean stepping on the gas.  

2.) What happens if I can’t make all of the Friday Night Lights events?

Not a big deal.  Put your name on the sign-up sheet and your preferred heat time.  You will receive and email every Monday detailing the necessary information for the week.  All you need to do is reply to danny@crossfitkingfield.com or karl@crossfitkingfield.com and let them know you won’t be making it in for the event that week!

3.) Who programs the workouts?  What if I can’t do some of the movements?

CrossFit HQ programs the workouts.  They are meant to be inclusive and challenging at the same time.  As I am sure you have heard, we reserve the right as your coaches to call any and all audibles that we may deem necessary.  Please know that we will do our best to preserve the integrity and intended stimulus of the workout, however we also want you to be safe and successful - walking out feeling accomplished!

4.) What does the regular class schedule look like during Friday Night Lights?

Friday Night Lights will begin on February 22nd and end on March 15th. During that 5 week period we will not be holding regular CrossFit classes. FNL will start at 4pm and end whenever the last heat finishes up.  This means that we may run past the 8pm hour or finish up early.  Whatever the case may be, we will not be having 4, 5, 6, and 7pm class on Friday evening during the 5 week competition.

5.) How will I be notified of my heat time and when I am supposed to workout?

You will receive an email Friday morning detailing the heat times and when you are scheduled to workout.  Please arrive early as you will be responsible for warming yourself up and being ready to go at your heat time!

6.) Will you be coaching a warm-up before each heat?

We will have a posted warm-up in the turf room.  We will not be running a formal warm-up before each heat.

7.) Can the weightlifters still train during Friday Night Lights?

Yes.  They may train on the platforms and will not be asked to adjust their schedules.  They may also use any and all equipment in the turf room, but we ask that they be mindful of the people warming up for their Open workout.

8.) I don’t plan on actively participating in Friday Night Lights, but is there something else I can do to help the gym?

We rely heavily on our members to help us judge workouts so that each person can have the same awesome experience.  We will also never say no to anyone who can stay late and help us clean up after the competition is completed for the night :)  Please email danny@crossfitkingfield.com or karl@crossfitkingfield.com if you would like to help out on the judging or cleaning front.

9.) Will you be running The Open workout during regular class times before Friday Night Lights?

Yes, the Open workout will be the workout we will be running that day in class.  However the only time a judge will be present for athletes will be during FNL. Please note that adjustments may have to be made to preserve time integrity and keep class times to 60 minutes.  In the past we have made minor adjustments, but this has not been an issue so far. 

10.) Why do you guys host Friday Night Lights?

Great question.  We host Friday Night Lights because it’s a great way for our community to showcase their support for one another.  There is something special about a room full of people cheering for you as you chip away at a metcon in an effort to see you succeed.  Over the years we have seen that people have accomplished things they did not know they were capable of.

WOD 190207

"CrossFit Open Workout 15.4”

Complete as many rounds as possible in 8 minutes of:


3 Cleans (185/125#)


3 Cleans (185/125#)


3 Cleans (185/125#)

12 HSPU 

6 Cleans (185/125#)

15 HSPU 

6 Cleans (185/125#)

18 HSPU 

6 Cleans (185/125#)


9 Cleans (185/125#)

Continue adding 3 reps to HSPU each rounds + 3 cleans after every 3 rounds