Week of 190325-190331: DELOAD WEEK

MONDAY 190325

STRENGTH:  Clean: 2 x RPE 8

Athletes will have 20 minutes to build to a daily RPE 8.  The focus here is to work on form and technique.  Athletes should take multiple attempts at the same weight to accumulate volume and consistency.


5 Rounds For Time:

55 Double unders

21 Air squats

150 ft. Farmer's Carry @ RPE 7

12 minute time cap!!


TUESDAY 190326


“Aerobic Efficiency: Know Your Shift 9.0”

TRAINING FOCUS:  The goal today for athletes is to cue in on their breath.  With the push jerk and front squat, pay attention to how you breathe.  Does calling a bit more awareness to that help?  

3 Rounds For Quality:

9 Push Jerks @ RPE 6

500 meter row @ G3

15 Front Squats @ Push jerk weight

Rest 2-3 minutes between rounds

**ROWING: We encourage athletes to use Gear 3 (N IN + N EX) for the entire 500 meter row. However if they feel that is too uncomfortable, use it as long as they feel confident and then switch to their preferred method of respiration.

20 minute time cap!



STRENGTH:  Deadlift: 15 minutes to work on sets of 6 at RPE 6-7

Athletes will spend 15 minutes working on position and technique as a means of preparing themselves for the workout.  TODAY IS NOT ABOUT MAXING OUT!!  Rather focus on pressing through the floor and maintaining good hinge pattern mechanics. DO NOT MAX OUT!


AMRAP 7 minutes:

200 meter run

6 Alternating SB to shoulder @ RPE 5

9 Toes to bar


AMRAP 11 minutes:

400 meter run

20 Wall balls @ 20/14#



STRENGTH:  Strict Press (Feet in the split position): 15 minutes to work on sets of 6 @ RPE 6-7

Athletes will spend 15 minutes working on sets of 6 reps in the split position.  They should focus on emphasizing control and maintaining depth in their back knee while pressing. 


EMOM 12 minutes:

EVEN: :30 Max Russian KB swings @ RPE 7 **

ODD:  :30 Pause push ups 

**KB SWINGS: These do not have to be unbroken for :30, however athletes should emphasize tension in the glutes and midline when swinging.

**PAUSE PUSH UPS: Athletes should pause for one full second at the top in a locked out position


FRIDAY 190329

For  Time:

21 Calorie AB

9 Bar muscle ups **

9 Box jump overs @ 20” - EVERYONE

15 Calorie AB

7 Bar muscle ups **

7 Box jump overs @ 20” - EVERYONE

9 Calorie AB

5 Bar muscle ups **

5 Box jump overs @ 20” - EVERYONE

**BMU:  Athletes should considered any pulling version of a gymnastics movement that will best compliment their own skill level as well are training progression.  Athletes should connect with their coach to see what will be the best training progression for their ability.

16 minute time cap!!





Athletes will alternate full rounds until each athlete has completed 2 full rounds of each sequence.  Once each athlete has completed 2 full rounds, they can move on to the next sequence.

"How well do you transition?"

2 Rounds For Time:

12 Power snatches @ RPE 5 **


9 Bar over burpees

- THEN -

2 Rounds For Time:

9 Power snatches @ RPE 5 **


6 Bar over burpees

- THEN -

2 Rounds For Time:

6 Power snatches @ RPE 5 **


3 Bar over Burpees

20 minute time cap!!

**POWER SNATCHES:  Athletes should choose a weight they can complete in 1 to 2 sets.  Our recommendation for would be 75/55# for athletes who are developing their skill level + 95/65# for those who have consistent technique!


SUNDAY 190331

STRENGTH: Rear Foot Elevated DB Split squats: 3 x 8-10 per @ RPE 6

Athletes will spend 15 minutes completing 3 sets of 8-10 reps per leg of rear foot elevated DB split squats.  Athletes should focus on temp and control throughout the movement.  Straps may be used if needed!


3 Rounds For Time:

20 Slam balls @ 50/30#

10 Strict Pull ups

10 minute time cap!!