What if?

Often times when I travel to teach breathing I am asked at the end of the seminar what next? How do I incorporate this into my everyday training or my gym. After my last trip to New Jersey I wrote this little piece. It is meant to be thought provoking, but also get to the heart of what we do inside the gym.

Today I challenge you to read this short bit and reflect upon your own training.

What if I told you we were running experiments, not workouts.  Would that change the way you approach your training?

What if I told you we wanted to collect data, rather than accumulate calories.  Would you focus on your position rather than your intensity?

What if I told you the key to long term adaptation starts with learning, not suffering.  Would you be more open to things that you may not understand at first?

With so much information available these days, we understand that it can be hard to sift through it all.  At the Art of Breath Seminar, our goal is not to be right.  Our goal is to teach. 

You see, true understanding or deep practice is the result of countless hours of trial and error.  The product of honest and objective evaluation of performance in an effort to further the human potential.  Even more importantly it becomes the lens in which all things are viewed and measured.