Is the Wellness Challenge for You?

You have been hit with reminders in class, via email from your coaches and blogs full of content from me. These next 12 weeks are going to be eye opening for YOU and an absolute blast for me from a teaching perspective. It's not often that I get to teach large groups of adults (we are adults right) and most important, athletes, the importance of nutrition and wellness.

For those of you who still reside on the fence and wonder if this is for you, well I'll give you some fun facts as well as a push in the direction of signing up.

You may have a close friend or a partner at the gym who is embarking in this 12 week journey. A very easy persuasion to join if I may so myself.

You are inquisitive as to what exactly you can learn that you haven't read about in countless articles or internet posts. Nevermind the books or that one time you heard from your friend who lost 25 pounds on a carb cycling, ketogenic, Whole 30, Paleo and Fit tea plan!! I mean, they know it all right?!

Then there are some of you who may have it all figured out. You have the physique you want, you're RX'ing every workout in class and measure your food to a T. You my friend have it all dialed in.

I have news for you. You could use this challenge too. 

Here are the 3 types of people who should join this challenge and the people I work with on a daily basis. Think of this in a scaled, Intermediate and RX nutritional way. 

1. Scaled or level 1: You don't know where to begin, you jump from plan to plan and still are wondering if apples are a fruit or a carb? (They're a fruit with carbs). Compliance with a plan may be difficult and it leads to frustration and starting over after 21 days of "A failed program." You may not have found your sweet spot and that's just fine. A good portion of the population doesn't. Balancing work, the gym, your family, friends, hobbies or life as a whole are tough! We will guide you with day to day habits that you should focus on for these 12 weeks. Holding your hand in a way that is going to make you comfortable and accept these 12 weeks AND your life with wellness is indeed an ongoing process. Just remember, some one else in this group is just like you. That's why we are here!! We will ensure you have an awesome experience.

2. Intermediate or Level 2: I would venture to guess that a lot of you fall into this category? You're an athlete and you are quite compliant. You workout 3 to 5 days a week and are already following a program. While you are doing alright with this, those final 5 to 10 pounds aren't budging. Your clothes are inches away from fitting. Maybe you're on the cusp of RX'ing every workout but need to unlock that piece which may not be a phsyical one. Either that or you want a new wardrobe that makes you like the king or queen of the ball. Even if vanity isn't your goal (I'm looking at some of you) you still realize that there is an element missing and you are stuck in a plateau. That dreaded word, plateau: stagnant and a little perturbed. You my friends will have specific goals throughout this challenge and I for one look forward to hearing all about them! We will get you through this process and do our damnedest to nail down your struggles. There will be information for you that I hope will unlock a missing link to your nutrition and wellness. Now let's go have some fun with your peers!

3. RX or Level 3: You are walking around with a 6 pack, you know what oxidative stress is and you have a macro profile which you have been using for 2 years. Your on point with everything, you look ahead when you go to restaurants and now your ready to jump into competitions in hopes of going solo, performing well in the Open and challenging Mat Fraser or Tia Clair Toomey in 2021. You too need a new challenge. What can you possibly learn? I'm about to dig real deep here and ask you some questions. Are you obsessive about food? Are you starting to experience a bit of burnout from over-training or your food plan? Do you have a balance outside of the gym? Do you have a tendency to binge when you get stressed? These are seriously fucking (needed that for extra emphasis) difficult questions. Here are my thoughts if your on the fence. You'll be supplied more tools to your tool box. You'll be given a questionnaire at the beginning of week 1 which will give you something to shoot for. It's 100% confidential and we will work directly with you to give you healthier, more balanced ways to keep your stress under control and guide you towards the results you so rightfully deserve.

Again, these 12 weeks are about more than wellness and nutrition. It's about community, awareness, and togetherness. It's about learning something new and opening up other ways to go forward on your own personal journey when this is over. 

I'm 100% serious again when I say this: you have my full and undivided attention over these next 12 weeks. I plan on leading you each and every step of the way. You can ask me a question at any point in time. In the gym, via email, in the middle of "Fran", I honestly don't care. This is meant for YOU, the member. I want ALL of YOU to have one of the most memorable experience's that you can imagine. 

That's my goal for this challenge, to ensure that you all have fun, learn something and come out of the 12 weeks with a greater sense of wellness. This is for you Kingfield. The members that I have met in the community are incredible people and I have love for all of you. For those who I have not had the privilege of meeting, I look forward to your presence as well!

To sign-up just click here!

-Jesse Velasquez