WOD 190104

Today, we have an announcement to share with our community.

At the end of the month, Coach Caitlin will be stepping away from coaching and managing at Kingfield. We are sad to see her go and will miss her greatly, both on a professional and personal level. She has written a letter to the community, providing more insight and understanding to this decision. You can read the letter by clicking here. As you might assume, this decision was not made lightly as her dedication and her investment in this community has always been a fixture in her life since she started here in 2014. It will be equally hard for her to leave as it is for us to say goodbye.

We will be hosting a going away workout on Saturday, January 26th, for Caitlin. More details will be announced as we get closer to that date.

Caitlin has asked that any questions or comments regarding her departure be directed to her. She is happy to chat more about her decision during downtime or off hours.

In the meantime, she plans to enjoy her last few weeks coaching the hell out of all of you and soaking up every last moment with the Kingfield crew.

Friday 190104

Strength - Strict dips - 4 x 5-7

Athletes should choose a variation that challenges them but allows them to complete 5-7 unbroken repetitions for all 4 rounds. They may rest as needed between sets. Coaches will go over how to use the matadors, set up boxes or use rings. Set up boxes under the rig in the corner - add plates for height as needed.

Metcon - 2 rounds for time:

18/15 calorie ski erg
160ft. Sled push @ a sprint
9 ball slams (50/30)

6 minute cap

WOD 190103

The Open is Coming…

We just turned over a new leaf in a new year and sure enough, in CrossFit gyms around the world, coaches and athletes alike begin to look towards the Open. Today, we’re bringing back a blog post from two years ago that will let you know all you need to know about the Open.

What is the Open?
Post from 2017, by Coach Caitlin

Every year since 2011, CrossFit athletes around the world have participated in the Open. The Open acts as the first step in a now three-step process to get to the CrossFit Games. This year will mark the sixth year of the Open. It will bring us all new tests of fitness and perhaps some retests. Will you give the Open a try this year? We have a few reasons why we think you should.

First, the Open puts the emphasis on community. We come together on a Thursday or Friday night and do a predetermined workout. And it’s not just us – it’s gyms around the world. This sense of community extends beyond our walls. For five weeks, we are all in it together. On a smaller scale within our community, we are there for each other. There is something special about having your friends cheer you through a particularly tough workout. We’ve all been in that place where we’ve wanted to mail it in, cash out and cut our losses. During the Open, we find strength and motivation from others more than ever before.

Second, the Open provides us structure. We can use this time every year as a measure of our own improvement. It is predictable in its timing (not so much in it’s tests!) and its format: one workout per week for 5 weeks starting the last week of February through the month of March. For some, the Open is their gateway to Regionals and ultimately the Games. These are the elites in the “sport” of CrossFit. For most of us, the Open gives us a gauge, a yardstick to see our personal development year to year. They offer scaled, RX’d, masters and teens options so no matter where you’re at in your fitness development, you can participate. It helps us set goals for our year ahead. One of the best things about CrossFit is the seemingly infinite areas of improvement. Once we achieve one goal, the next is usually readily available to tackle. The Open will give us specific areas of fitness to improve upon over the upcoming year. Not knowing the workouts is also the ultimate test of our fitness and part of CrossFit’s objective: prepare for the unknown and unknowable. With the goal of developing well-rounded fitness, the Open tests what we do day in and day out at Kingfield.

Third and finally, the Open is a competition without needing to be competitive. Many times, our challenge to ourselves is to just show up for a workout. The Open functions the same way. All you have to do is show up to the gym and you do the workout just like you would any other day. You don’t have to commit the time or expenses of a competition weekend but you can experience the environment and adrenaline of one. There’s nothing more encouraging than having your fellow athletes and coaches by your side, pushing you through those final reps.

Ultimately, the Open does all the things we do every day at Kingfield: community, goal-setting and encouragement. We know many of you are very excited for the upcoming and unknown tests that 2017 will bring. We also know that many of you are unsure if you should participate. We’ll continue to offer up more information on our blog about the Open and you can always ask a coach if you have questions!

Now this year will be the last year that the new year will mark Open preparations. As early as this fall, the Open will find a new home in October and November. The qualification process has changed quite a bit for those who are trying to make it to the CrossFit Games.

What does this mean for us? We get TWO Opens this year - one in Feb./Mar. and one in Oct./Nov. After that, into 2020, the Open will occur in the fall.

We’ll continue to post about the Open weekly, discussing how we run our Friday Night Lights events, how you can participate and outline some of the changes to the CrossFit Games season. For now, you should know that our programming and coaching will shift into “preparation mode,” taking into consideration the anticipated challenges and hurdles that we may see during those five weeks in the spring. :)


Thursday 190103

Metcon - 4 Rounds For Effort:

7 Bench press @ RPE 6*
7 Deadlifts @ RPE 5
7 Hang squat cleans @ RPE 4

- Rest 2 to 3 minutes between rounds - 

18 minute cap

*RPE model does not mean that each movement get LIGHTER!  It means that athletes should choose weights that will allow them to move with integrity and still maintain the required intensity!

Example weights might be as follows: Bench Press (115/85), Deadlift (155/105), Hang squat clean (95/65).

WOD 190102

There have been times where I have heard some of my athletes say that there is not a day that he/she goes without making some type of mistake.  I ask myself, “why would you ever say that about yourself?”  So as a coach, I did my best to turn this around to something positive and reminded the athlete that he/she always can learn from the mistakes.

I’ve written a blog on coming into training with a positive attitude that you can read here.  However, coming into training with a positive mindset sometimes isn’t enough.  What I am trying to say is, what are you exactly saying to yourself throughout the day or during training?  This will affect your attitude and how you approach everything.  For example, a few comments I usually hear are, “Why do I feel so crappy?” “Why does my warm-up suck?” “I forgot how to snatch today” “How do you lift? What is lifting?”  These comments don’t seem like a big deal when being said. Sometimes we have a long day at work or just want to joke around, and it feels really easy to say these things. But, what we don’t realize is that over time, our subconscious will make it so that these comments become true. You unconsciously start finding ways to make these comments true.

I recently picked up a book again called “What to Say When You Talk to Your Self” by Shad Helmstetter. In the book, it says that “the mind is a machine that never sleeps.” Obviously, during the day, our mind is working, but at night our mind is actually still at work.  Helmstetter shared that our subconscious mind is making sure that we become what we have unconsciously told or described ourselves.  So if I have conditioned myself to believe that I am not good at something, my subconscious mind will make sure that statement is true.  So what you think about and tell yourself is very important.  

You can change the way you think and what you say to yourself to your benefit.  First, you must change what you say to your self. If you are a coach, teammate, or friend and you catch someone saying something negative about themselves, try to turn it around and make it positive!


Wednesday 190102

Strength - Back squat - 3 x 6 @ RPE 5-6

Athletes will have 16 minutes to work up to and complete 3 sets of 6 reps at an RPE of 5-6. This is a deload week so the focus should be on perfect position and control. Add tempo or pauses to make it more challenging! Weight should feel like a warm-up :)

Metcon - 4 rounds for quality:

2:00 minute assault bike w/nasal breathing only

-REST 2:00 between intervals-

16 minute cap

Athletes who choose may bike 30/22 calories per round, however they must be able to maintain nasal breathing and complete the work in 2 minutes or less.

WOD 190101

Starting with the new year, we will be making the entire week of programming available for viewing on our website. Please read and check dates carefully!

You can view the workouts by clicking this link. We will also continue to release them with daily blog posts as well but on Monday mornings, we will include the link for the week in the post!

We are hopeful that this will allow you to plan your training week more effectively :)

Tuesday 190101


Alternating every TWO rounds with your partner, complete 12 total rounds of:

12 Wallballs (20/14)
9 DB Snatches* @ moderate
6 Burpee box jump overs (24/20”)

*Switch arms every round.

20 minute cap

WOD 181231

Happy New Year! - 2018 in Review

What a year it’s been at Kingfield! We have seen a lot of excitement, evolution and achievement. Looking back at the year, we could not be more proud as coaches of what you have accomplished. We are hopeful to provide the same opportunities (and more!) in the new year.

If we look back, our eventful year really picked up steam end of February with the 2018 CrossFit Games Open. We recall DB hang clean + jerks, clean PRs, the always devastating thruster/pull-up combo (Fran anyone?) and our best community turn out for the Open we’ve ever seen. While we know 2019 brings some changes to the CrossFit Games season, we still look forward to attacking the Open in late February, early March one more time (before taking it on again in October…).

As the Open wrapped up, Kingfield Barbell set the tone for the year winning best male and female team at the Minnesota State Championships. They’ll look to repeat at the end of March 2019.

The end of May brought our largest Memorial Day Murph to date. We thank you all for coming out to pay tribute to those heroic men and women who have fallen while defending our freedoms and our country.

Our summer was capped by a tear of events including the first Kingfield Strongman Competition, having a Kingfield team in the Ragnar Relays for the third year in a row and the Kingfield Classic. It was a busy three weekends in a row but we loved watching our community take on different challenges outside of the gym.

The beginning of September brought a seven team, 21 athlete contingent qualifying for and heading to St. Cloud, MN, for the 2018 Granite Games competition.

While CrossFit events wound down, weightlifting really picked up as we sent a large group to Rochester for the MN Open meet in October and again saw Andrea Storlie represent the barbell club at the American Open in December.

We wrapped up the year with a new event: the Kingfield Holiday Partner Competition. Partnering with Jerks for Jewels, we were able to raise over $2,000 for the non-profit that promotes education, awareness and treatment for prostate and testicular cancer. We were thrilled with the response from our community and plan to continue in this spirit of giving back in 2019.

It was one hell of a year and we can’t wait to see what we’ll be talking about another year from now!


Monday 181231

Strength - Hang snatch x 2

A) From 0:00-5:00, athletes will perform multiple reps of the following with an empty bar or light weight:

2 hang snatch pulls + 2 Hang half snatches

B) From 5:00-20:00, athletes will build to and practice:

2 Hang snatches at an RPE of 6-7

Metcon - Athletes may choose between the following rep schemes:

OPTION 1: 21 - 15 - 9 HSPUs

OPTION 2: 12 - 9 - 6 HSPUs

OPTION 3 - Pick one number and stick with it for all three rounds to work on consist HSPU

Between sets, complete 100ft. DB/KB Farmer's carry @ moderate

10 minute cap

*Athletes should choose an option where they would be able to complete the required reps in 3 sets or less.

Athletes should ask their coach about which progression of the push-up they should use to further their skill and maintain intensity.

WOD 181229

Saturday 181229

Strength - Bench Press - 4 x 2 @ RPE 8-9

Athletes will have 15 minutes to work up to and complete 4 sets of 2 reps at an RPE of 8-9. Partners must spot!


2 Rounds for time with a partner:

60 double unders
50 Shoulder to overhead (95/65)
60 double unders
40 ball slams (50/30)
60 double unders
30 burpees over the bar

18 minute cap

Break up the work however you choose but make the reps even between partners. Partners may use different weights if they choose.