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I CrossFit because...the challenge never ends. My first workout was the most humbling experience. It left me on the floor redefining what I thought of as "fitness." At the time, I was training for my fourth marathon and working towards a masters in exercise science. Never has one thing swayed my mindset so strongly and so quickly.

I was hooked and I've never looked back. It pushes me every day, in every way possible. It builds me up and breaks me down and builds me right back up again. Every day is a new opportunity to improve and become a better version of myself, not just physically but mentally as well.

I coach because...I love sharing in the experience of growth with people. To know that for many, coming to the gym is their escape and often times the best part of their day (regardless of how their workout goes) is pretty awesome. Being able to take part in that and to help them achieve things they didn't think themselves capable of when they woke up that morning is rewarding in and of itself.

My favorite workout or movement favorite workout is always changing but I like doing "Seven" - a zesty little hero workout with relatively heavy weights, gymnastics & low rep count. My favorite movement is the clean s0 it goes without saying any workout with any kind of clean ranks pretty high.

My spirit animal is...the black panther. Quiet strength and stealthy. Harnessed, controlled aggression and grit.

If I could be any food, it would cream. Because of the variety - something for everyone - and it makes everyone smile.