Changes at Kingfield Email

Hello Kingfielders,

We are writing to share with you some very exciting news! You may have heard recently, either from coaches or from fellow members that we are on the verge of some changes here at Kingfield.

The aim of this email is to provide you with the details of these changes as we have determined them thus far. As with any adjustment, there is still plenty of room for alterations to these plans if needed. Our goal is preserve the experience of quality coaching and an inclusive community for all of our members, regardless of interests, pursuits or background.

Here are the highlights of the rest of this email:

1. Changes Announced - this will be a bulleted list of the changes you can expect to see in the coming months

2. Timeline for Changes - this will be a schedule, some specific, some more general, for the implementation of the aforementioned changes

3. Evolution Process - this will be our vision for 2019, with some of the elements we’d like to include but do not have a concrete timeline on yet.


Major Changes at Kingfield

  • The Merger - Kingfield is becoming one entity. Kingfield Endurance will merge with CrossFit Kingfield and we will refer to the entire operation as "Kingfield." Athletes who currently attend classes on the "endurance side" will begin attending class on the "CrossFit" side, as we are all doing CrossFit and the notion of having "sides" opposes our core values of inclusivity and community. We are becoming one!

  • We will plan to have two coaches available for busier class times (early morning classes and 5 & 6PM evening classes) once the three track system is implemented. We will do this until we determine which classes require 1, 2, or sometimes even 3 coaches to provide the best experience possible for our athletes.

  • Our CrossFit classes will begin to offer three "tracks" for each workout. There will be a Performance/Competition track, a Fitness/Health track and a Movement/Preparation track. Each track serves a very specific purpose (we will flesh these out further in upcoming blog posts), with the majority of our athletes the majority of the time falling into the Fitness/Health track (which is more or less the same as what you currently see prescribed in our CrossFit classes). The purpose of the other two tracks is to facilitate "seasonality" or necessary adjustments, both up and down, to training based on the athletes' current goals and pursuits outside of the gym. This system will not be implemented right away. We plan a late December, early January start for this structure. Stay tuned!

  • The weightlifting platforms will move from the CrossFit room into the turf room. The rig in the turf room will come down and we will build two more platforms, all 5 of which will go along the wall separating CompuTrainer from the turf room. This will turn into the Specialty Class/Weightlifting room.

  • We will be adding more classes to our schedule in December - 4PM during the weekdays, 9AM & 5PM on Fridays. The morning classes will shift to on the hour, starting at 5 & 6AM. Currently we have no plans to add to our weekend schedule but will make adjustments as we see fit.

  • We will be adding specialty courses, both open (free to members) and closed (small additional fee for members & for a cost to non-members). Open courses include: gymnastics and weightlifting, with weekday and weekend options for each. Closed courses include: strength, bodybuilding and capacity, on an annual rotating schedule. We will share the details of these courses with you as we get closer to seeing them on the schedule, likely closer to January or February.


Timeline of Changes

Monday, Nov. 5th - Endurance athletes will be able to come to any classes on the Kingfield schedule. We will no longer run "Endurance" classes in the turf room.

Saturday, Dec. 1st - We will be making the move to relocate the platforms in the turf room. We will be taking the rig out of the wall in Endurance. If you are interested in helping with the move, please email Caitlin.

Monday, Dec. 2nd - The class schedule will shift to the following weekday class times:

5, 6, 9 AM


4, 5, 6, 7PM

This will be consistent on all weekdays. Weekend schedule will stay the same for now. We will be announcing more information on the specialty course additions as we get closer (we are still ironing out the details at this time).

Late December, Early January: The three track system is introduced. We will share a more detailed explanation of these tracks in the coming weeks on the blog.

January + February - Goal-setting opportunities. There will be a sign-up for short sessions to discuss with a coach about your goals for your training. They will be able to help direct your path for training for the year based on those goals. More on this in December.


Evolution Process

In an effort to help you better reach your goals, we want to start having the conversation of smart and sustainable training. This approach is meant to help you stay engaged and motivated throughout the various seasons of our lives. As we have these conversations with you, we can better help direct your training.

As mentioned above, we will be introducing more specialty (or specific focus) classes. We aren’t adding these for you to just “do more” as that is not the solution to sustainable and effective training. We are adding these as a way for you to temporarily pursue something more intently so you can then bring that expanded ability back into your regular routine. Approaching your training with a sense of seasonality will allow you to put concentrated focus and effort with higher potential for improvement versus being spread over too many disciplines.

The specialty courses will run in blocks throughout the year, with specific goals for the attendees of each block. Some of these courses will be “open,” meaning you can attend them whenever your schedule allows. The programming for these courses will not necessarily be progressive or periodized, which allows for anyone to jump in at any time. These courses will also run the majority of the time at the gym. Included in the Open course classes are weightlifting and gymnastics, as well as our teens program. CrossFit also could be classified as an open course, with the only prerequisite being Foundations.

The “closed” courses are run for specific durations with very specific goals. Want to really improve your deadlift? Take the closed strength course. Want to really improve your capacity and pacing? Take the closed capacity class. Want to see how bodybuilding actually works? Take the closed bodybuilding course. These courses are offered at specific times throughout the year. They are an additional cost to your membership (i.e. you’d pay an extra $45/month to attend the bodybuilding course 3 times per week, with the ability to still go to any open class on our schedule). They are open to outside inquiries - have a friend who’s not keen on CrossFit but wants to get fitter? Tell them about capacity class. The idea is that you are committed to this course for it’s duration - you make this work in your schedule and you commit to the process. The Closed courses will include capacity, bodybuilding, specific strength classes, and Outdoor Athlete.

We are hopeful by offering classes like the closed and open courses that we can compliment our regularly scheduled CrossFit classes. Our aim is always to expand work capacity so you can continue to live and lead a healthy and fruitful life.


We are certainly excited about all that will be new but are especially embracing these as opportunities to improve how we serve you. If, at any point, you are unsure or have feedback for us that you feel would help us in that pursuit, we welcome it!


Your Kingfield Coaching Staff

(Caitlin, Danny, Lea, Chris, Anthony, Josh, Karl)