I CrossFit because...I believe that it is the best overall program to help people get fit, live a healthier lifestyle. It works - plain and simple. And it's fun!

For the past year, I've shifted my training and coaching focus to Olympic-style weightlifting. I enjoy sharing my passion for the sport with our members and the challenge of teaching people the movements.

I coach because...I enjoy seeing others improve on whatever it is they want to get better at - whether it's a squat or a better Fran time. I love seeing people improve.


My favorite workout or movement is...I don't have a favorite workout but my favorite movements are the snatch and the back squat. Snatching is challenging and just looks pretty and back squats...because I'm good at them.

My spirit animal is...Grizzly Bear. I didn't pick it - it just found me.

If I could be any food, it would be...Honey, because I'd never spoil.