I crossfit because...I believe it is a good way to keep the body guessing.  There are a number of movements to do (some are more fun than others) and always surrounded by great people.

When I first came to Kingfield, my main focus was Olympic weightlifting and still is.  Since being a coach here, my interest for crossfit has grown further than before.  Some of the members try to get me into class but I have to keep up with Coach Chris and our training in weightlifting.  You will see me partaking in class from time to time though.


I coach because...It is very rewarding to see the progress people can make when you give them the right tools to be successful.  For our barbell athletes, it is a wonderful feeling seeing them nail a lift on the platform in competition.  The smile on their face when they walk off is priceless.


My favorite workout or movement is...I did Grace once because Coach Danny said I should try it and probably won’t do it again.  My favorite movement is the snatch and front squats.  Snatch just because it looks so cool when it looks/feels effortless.  Front squats because I mean you squat everyday so why not do it with some weight.


My spirit animal is...Otters.  I have always loved otters because they are playful and cuddly...kind of like me.

If I could be any food, I would be...Ice cream sandwich.  I may look tough on the outside but I am soft on the inside.