Memorial Day Murph Sign-up

If you are planning on joining us at CrossFit Kingfield on Memorial Day, either for the workout "Murph," the cookout afterwards or both, please complete the form below and hit "SUMBIT." Thank you!

The Details

  • The workout - "Murph" is for time:
    • 1 mile run
    • Then, partition reps as desired:
      • 100 pull-ups
      • 200 push-ups
      • 300 air squats
    • 1 mile run
    • Wear a weight vest or body armor if you have it
  • We will run 3-4 heats, depending on number of participants. Heats will stagger start, with two in the CF gym and two in the turf room. The mile run will be marked and will not cross any major streets.
  • You will have three options for completing the workout:
    • Full Murph - you complete the entire workout on your own
    • Partner Murph - you and your partner both complete the 1 mile run, but the repetitions of pull-ups, push-ups and squats are divided between the two of you.
    • AMRAP Murph - you will complete the run (or perhaps a scaled distance), perform a sequence of pull-ups or ring rows, push-ups and squats as many times as possible in 30 minutes, and then run again
  • The cookout will be prepared as the last heat starts, around noon, with food being served around 1pm. An earlier heat time would allow you to have a break between working out and the celebration afterwards.
Name *
See above for details. We will have an 70 minute cap on all heats this year.
These are not set in stone. We just need an idea of who wants to go when!
Items are (but not limited to): Burgers, brats, meat of any kind, buns, side salads of any variety (potato, fruit, pasta, lettuce), condiments, beverages (water, la croix, beer), paper products (plates, napkins, cups, plastic silverware), ice, veggies, chips, dips, desserts, coolers, grills, smokers, garbage bins, etc.
Set-up will occur during the final heat of the workout. Grilling will begin and tables will get set up as well as all the food. Clean-up will happen around 3:30-4pm (or when people leave) and will involve taking out trash, sweeping the gym, wiping down pull-up bars, and taking home extra food.
We want to celebrate and play games after all the hard work is done!
We will be running a "Friends and Family" version of Murph this year. It will be a coach-led scaled version of the workout to account for the volume and movements in Murph. It will be an earlier heat.