Getting Started at CrossFit Kingfield

Our coaches need to understand you. Your history, goals, strengths, discrepancies, personality, injuries. Our Foundations classes help us understand you and your body so that you can have the best CrossFit experience and coaching possible.

If you have a history with Olympic lifting, power lifting or certain sports, you may need only one or two Foundations classes before joining the regular CrossFit classes. If you are new to this kind of workout, you’ll meet with one of our professional coaches for Foundations, where you'll learn some fundamental movements. More importantly, we’ll have the chance to get to know you and be able to give you the best possible coaching and CrossFit experience. It's easy to get started, just contact us and set up your first appointment today!

Costs and Fees

All our pricing packages allow for unlimited class attendance. 

  • Monthly Individual: $179

  • Monthly Family: $249
    (2 or more people from one family training)

  • Foundations: $179*

  • Drop-ins: $25 per class, including Oly Weightlifting.
    (please contact us first before dropping in)

  • Weightlifting class (SUN 12pm) is free to members,
    but drop-in fee applies to non-members

*Foundations starts with your first months' payment - there is no additional fee for Foundations training.

Check out details of our billing policies HERE.


CrossFit Class

Our regular group classes can be attended by any member once they have completed Foundations (see below). Classes are held multiple times per day throughout the week. Each class will begin with a coach taking you through a dynamic warm-up to prepare you for the day's movements, a skill or strength portion and end with the workout of the day. Our coaches will always focus first on mechanics and consistency of movement and then encourage intensity appropriate to each athlete's ability. Click the button below to see our CrossFit class schedule.


Each member at CFK begins with a
one-on-one consultation with a coach. During that meeting, one of our coaches will determine the best way to prepare you for regular group classes. The number of Foundations sessions required will depend on your experience level and health/fitness background. All of our Foundations are done one-on-one to help our coaches get to know you and teach you the proper mechanics of the movements you'll see in class. Your coach will guide you through these movements, developing consistency and dosing intensity where appropriate. This allows us to ensure your safety and comfort before jumping into class!

  • There is no limit to the number of Foundations sessions required. The regular monthly fee will apply for as long as the member needs. No additional fee will be applied to your first month's dues for Foundations training.

  • The first session is FREE so contact us and set up an appointment!

Open Gym

Open to all members, these times are an opportunity for you to come in on your own and work on technique, catch up on a WOD or spend some extra time mobilizing. An on-duty coach will always be present. Their role is to monitor members and ensure a safe environment. They are not required to provide private instruction at this time, however, if you have a question, please ask. This is also a time that coaches maybe be utilizing to train. As always, we ask that members be courteous of gym equipment and the times designated on the schedule. All OG sessions will have a hard stop so we can prepare for the upcoming class.

Open Gym Times

Monday-Friday 1:00 - 4:00pm
Saturday 10:00am - 2:00pm

Olympic Weightlifting Class

We believe that in order to become successful in weightlifting, time must be spent completing perfect reps. Each class will focus on individual elements of the snatch and clean and jerk and is intended to help members gain a better understanding of these movements.

  • Our weightlifting class can be attended for free by any of our members or with our class drop-in fee of $20. Previous weightlifting experience is recommended.

  • Class is held at 10:30am on Saturdays and usually runs about 60-75 minutes.


CrossFit Teens

For children ages 13 t0 18 years old

Whether you're looking to gain an edge on your high school sports team, to stay in shape or just to have something fun to do after school, CrossFit Teens is the class for you! We take great care to utilize the movements and training principles found in CrossFit and make them relevant to our teenage athletes. We provide a comprehensive training program that will increase strength and speed, improve power output and application and build mental toughness and confidence in all teenage athletes!

CrossFit Teens Class
Runs seasonally. Email Coach Anthony ( for information on upcoming sessions and availability!