CLOSED: Granite Games

Reminder that we are closed today through Sunday due our community's participation in
the Granite Games Competition up in St. Cloud!

We have quite the contingent representing the gym this weekend! Come out and show what our community is all about with thousands of athletes and fans!

Below you will find divisions and teams listed as well schedules, maps and links to the Granite Games site for more information.


All Kingfield teams are competing in the Open Team III Divisions

Men's Intermediate

  1. Danny Yeager, Chris Yang, Chris Tift
  2. John Yokomizo, Marcus Dormanen,
    Tony Christopherson
  3. Robert Kaiser, Matt Gottschalk, Alex Tripp

Men's Scaled

  1. Jeremy Striffler, Nick Knutzen, Chris

Women's RX'd

  1. Amanda Sullivan, Lydia Novotny, Caitlin McNamara

Women's Intermediate

  1. Clare Dynan, Mariah O'Brien, Maddie Meyers
  2. Megan Murphy, Mary Spaniol, Sarah Jeffery

Schedule of Events

Map of Venue


We thank you all very much for your support and your patience. If you're not planning on attending the competition, we would encourage you get out an do something active but unusual. Go hiking, climbing, biking or fishing. This weather will soon leave us - soak it up!

Much love
-Your CFK coaches