EMOM: Row, Deadlift, Push-ups

Pause Cycle: Back Squat 6RM

Athletes will have 10 minutes to establish a 6RM Back Squat.

Each rep will have a 2 second pause in the bottom of the squat. Position is the priority, NOT WEIGHT. No belts and no lifters. After finding the 6RM, complete:

2 x 6 w/pause @ 70-75%


Every two minutes for 18 minutes, complete:

Min 0-2: 0:90 second max calorie row
Min 2-4: 15 Deadlifts (155/115)
Min 4-6: 21/15 Hand release push-ups

*Repeat for a total of 3 cycles (or 18 minutes). Score is total number of calories rowed.