AMRAP 14: Burpees, Pull-ups, KB swings

Skill: Rowing

Athletes will spend 12-15 minutes working on proper mechanics when it comes to rowing efficiently.  After a brief explanation about set up and power output, athletes will work on target sets that are 3 minutes long to reinforce position and breathing:

Complete 1-2 sets:

Row :30 easy pace with strong leg drive and a finished pull
Row :30 hard holding breath
Row :60 recovery pace without losing mechanics
Row :60 Hard effort


14 minute AMRAP:

30 Burpees
20 Pull-ups
10 KB swings (24/16)

*Rest 1 minute after completing all 60 reps every time. After your minute is up, start back with the KB swings and work your way up through the burpees, rest again, start with burpees, etc.