"Grace and her cheerleaders"

Skill: Kipping Handstand Push-ups

Athletes should use this time to focus on technique. Do not get blown up and compromise today’s workout.

LEVEL 1: Developing a stable tri-pod hold

Athletes will work on getting comfortable with being inverted. During this time they should work on sets in which they move their knees on and off their elbows. Athletes will also work on the beginning stages of their kip, or follow their coaches instructions on their next steps.

LEVEL 2: Consecutive Kipping HSPU in a good position

Athletes will work to string together 5-7 sets of 2-5 reps of kipping HSPU. They should focus on a controlled descent which will allow them to get into the proper position each time.

LEVEL 3: Deficit Kipping HSPU

Athletes will work on 5-7 sets of 4-6 reps of a 3 second negative descent and a 1 second deficit kipping HSPU. Athletes should choose a deficit that is challenging, but not impossible.


"Grace and her cheerleaders"

For time:

30 Clean & jerks (135/95)

*There will be an 8 minute time cap on today's metcon. If class is large, there will be two heats of the workout. Your job when you are not working is to cheer as hard as you possibly can for your fellow athletes.