Hold, Burpee, and then Dip

Back Squat Volume Cycle - Week 2, Day 2

Athletes will have 16 minutes to complete:

3 x 8 Back Squats @ 65% (or 5-10# heavier than last week)

*If you did not complete the 3 x 10 back squats last week, do these sets at roughly 60-65% of your 1RM back squat. If you don't know what to squat, ask a coach.


14 minute EMOM

Even: 0:30 second hold top of a deadlift (185/125) + 5 burpees
Odd: 10 ring dips

*Scale the number of dips as needed to complete the work in 1:00. Scale the weight to complete the 0:30 second hold.