In 3 minutes: Lunge, Jerk, Clean

Clean EMOM 8: Clean + Hang Clean

Athletes will have 5 minutes to work to a moderate weight clean (60-65%)

- then -

8 minute EMOM
1 Clean + 1 Hang clean

*Athletes MAY add weight during EMOM as long as technique is maintained. If you don't know if you should, ask a coach.


In a 3 minute window, complete:

10 Front rack lunge steps (115/75)
8 Push jerks
6 Power cleans

*At the 3:00 minute mark, repeat. Continue for 12 minutes (4 total rounds).

If the complex takes you 2:00, you have 1:00 to rest before the next round begins.

 All eyes on Walter. 

All eyes on Walter.