Dubs, Air Squats, S2OH x 3

Skill: Handstand Push-ups

Athletes will have 10-12 minutes to work on HSPU progressions appropriate for their current ability. Athletes will choose a level and work on the tasks for that level.

Level 1 - Work on kicking up into a handstand on the wall and controlling the breath. Also, work on lowering head to 2-3 ab mat pads.

Level 2 - Perform sets of multiple HSPU to 0-1 ab mats. Focus on 3-4 big sets without breaking technique. Do NOT go to failure.

Level 3 - Select an advanced variation of the HSPU (deficit, strict, parallette, etc.) and focus on completing small sets of that variation.


3 Rounds for time

100 Double unders
50 Air squats
15 Shoulder to overhead (135/95)

*There will be a 16 minute time cap on today's metcon.