Hold & Run

Skill: Toes-to-bar

Athletes will spend 12-15 minutes working on the appropriate level of development for toes-to-bar.

Level 1 - Working on developing a stronger kip and consistent tempo. Drills will be utilized to reinforce the back swing & strength while hanging on the bar. Complete 3-4 sets of 5-7 knees to elbows, focusing on a strong kip.

Level 2 - Athletes can perform 2-4 TTB but lose position and consistency in their kip. Athletes should work on a 6-9 min EMOM of 5-7 TTB, using a bar that is higher than they might normally use (coach will explain).

Level 3 - EMOM 10 minutes of 0:30 sec plank + 6-8 TTB


For time

Accumulate 7 minutes in a front rack hold (115/85)
*Every time the bar drops, complete 3 burpees

- then -

Run 1 mile

*There will be a 20 minute time cap on today's metcon.