Partner Workout: "Holding for 3K!"

Push Jerk

Athletes will have 12 minutes to find a daily 3RM.

- then -

Complete 2 x 3 @ 80% of that 3RM.

Athletes should focus on a strong drive and fast lockout. These are not touch and go reps!


For Time:

3,000 meter row**

**Athletes will alternate 300 meter intervals until they have accumulate 3,000
meters. The partner who is not rowing must hold 2 moderate DB’s. Partners
can only accumulate meters when both parties are working (if the DB’s drop,
the rowing stops).

**Athletes may increase the difficulty of the hold and use a front rack hold.
HOWEVER, if they start the workout with this type of hold, they must stick
with it through the entire workout :)

***14 minute time cap!