4RFT: Snatches, Push Ups, Pull-ups

***PLEASE NOTE: This workout only applies to 5:15 am, 6:10 am and Noon. Evening classes will run the Crossfit Open workout, starting at 5 pm and running through 8 pm.


Skill: Double Unders

Athletes will spend 12 minutes working on their Double Unders.
If athletes are proficient in DU, they will work on the following:

0 to 4 minutes - 3-4 attempts at a max set.
4 to 5 minutes - Rest -
5 to 12 minutes - EMOM with :40 ME double unders (only breathing through your nose).

*Athletes may recover breathing fully through their mouth


4 Rounds for time

24 DB snatches @ moderate weight
16 Pause HR push ups
10 Strict pull ups

*15 minute time cap!