Partner Workout: Hang Power Snatch + Bar Over Burpees + Rowing


Partners will alternate you go, I go, following the rep scheme directive!!

2 Rounds For Time:

42 Hang power snatches (95/65)**
28 Bar over burpees
2000-meter row

*28 minute time cap!!

** Athletes may use a different weight than their partner. They may increase the weight of the
snatch to (115/85) as long as they follow the partitioned rep scheme for the workout!

REP SCHEME: These do not have to be unbroken reps, however partners may not switch until the required work set is complete.

* Hang power snatches: Athletes will alternate completing 7 reps at a time (21 per round)
*Bar over burpees: Athletes will alternate completing 14 reps each
* Rowing: Athletes will alternate every 250 meters (4 intervals each per round)